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Keeping Up with the Jones's: Behind the Scenes- Chapter 59

Chapter 59
  • I aged Aaron up a day early because seeing him in the park with Kizzy Lothario gave me a good lead into his story.
  • The pictures of him in the park were taken while I was still playing the Lotharios.
  • Poor Caiden was stuck standing outside during Aaron's birthday party.  I put him in the house so that I could "introduce" him to Aaron the next day.
  • Caiden slept on the couch and took care of the baby that night while the family slept.
  • Even though MCCC allows teen pregnancies the genetics are completely random.  Joi aged up looking like an extremely pale asian girl.  No matter what I did I couldn't get her to look like Aaron.  In an act of desperation I deleted her and "played with genetics" with Aaron and Caiden.  So despite what the story says Caiden and Aaron are her genetic parents.


  1. That's frustrating about the MCCC teen pregnancy genetics, and good to know! I wonder why she programmed it that way?

    1. I believe that it's actually due to The Sims creators not writing teen pregnancy into the coding.


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