Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revisiting World of Warcraft

If you didn't already know World of Warcraft or WoW as most people call it has what they call a "starter edition" for free.  It allows you to play to level 20 without time restrictions.  Now, I played WoW years ago.  I was totally addicted to it.  I've heard that it has changed a lot.  So, bored from playing TS3 I decided to download and play for a bit.  I made a horde bloodelf hunter named Faelini.  What I thought was funny in the first few minutes I saw like 5 others in the starting area that looked just like me.  So much for originality.  It took me around an hour to get to level 5 and finish Sunstrider Isle.  I made my way to the closest town via quest and parked myself at the inn.  I'm not sure if I'll play again but it entertained me for a bit.  WoW is coming out with a new expansion pack soon called Warlords of Draenor.  From internet searches it looks like it is coming out November 13th.  The coolest feature I noticed in my short search was player housing.  Now that's cool.  My son will be getting this game and I just might have to beg off a character slot from him!  Stay tuned for whether I decide to play more free WoW or what other games I decide to play.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Apocalypse Challenge week 9

With one day left in the floating 10 day age freeze Calvin cleared Education.  Now Sierra has been a pain in the butt since the kids have aged up to children.  All she wanted to do was get on the computer which is restricted and not allowed.  It actually broke and I never had her fix it because it solved the problem.  I had her spend her last days filling up the fridge.  Once Calvin cleared Education and I turned aging back on he was about to age to elder.  He had no athletic so would have had to quit the job anyway so I led Sierra and Calvin to the bottom basement via a ladder and then put the ladder back where it goes.  Calvin turned elder just as Sierra toppled over and died of starvation.  He died 5 hours later.  This may seem cruel but I had a couple good reasons.  One, elders are uncontrolable.  Two, you can't move tombstones.  Their tombstones are side by side because Calvin was morning Sierra when he died.  

Since they died they have haunted several times.  They keep waking up the kids and eating food out of the fridge.  It's extremely annoying.  As you'll see in the pics the basement level was where I was putting all of the dirty clothes piles.  I found out later while reading the Apocalypse Challenge website that you can delete these as they are $0.  *sigh*  

Shortly after their deaths Brian, the heir, aged up.  He got medical.  Which is good I guess, no more smelly sims once he clears that.  I hate the books they have to read every day.  At that point I was frustrated with 4 teenagers and one adult and decided to take a break from this challenge.

Sierra and Calvin in their death cave.
 Sierra dies just as Calvin is celebrating his birthday.

 Grim stays to chat with Calvin for a bit.

It was so funny the kids all just plopped down in the snow and started doing their homework.

A quick visit with the supernatural family

I got a bit stressed with the apocalypse challenge and decided to have a quick visit with the supernatural family.  Since I had already built an extra bedroom I decided to get Nadia pregnant.  She ate lots of apples and had a bouncing baby werewolf boy!  Now Dad will have someone to hunt with.  Dad is one level away on his carrer from getting his lifetime wish.  Mom has had no time to fish keeping up with all of the animals and now baby Marcus.  Samantha has met lots of friends in school.  Once the baby was born I instantly got bored with this family again.  We'll see how long it takes to revisit them again.

Ghost daughter Samantha.

 Mommy holding new werewolf baby Marcus.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Apocalypse Challenge... ending the 7th week.

Baby number 3 turned out to be 3 and 4.  That's right I got the twins I had been trying so hard for!  A boy Eddie and girl Ella.  Sierra had one more baby a boy named Ethan.  Strangely enough, child number 2 Stephanie ended up with bright pink hair.  I don't know if it's a bug or what?  I thought it was difficult having so many babies and toddlers but the difficult part started when they became children.  First of all I really don't have room for nor do I want to buy another bed which means that Ethan sleeps in whoevers bed isn't occupied, usually his parents.  Second, snow days!  Brian, the oldest, has gone to school twice... the rest have never gone.  Also I've given up completely on hygiene.  With one sink and 7 people there's no way I can have each one washing hands 30 times a day.  So my kids are the smelly kids.  LOL

I made another basement level just for the hamper, old fridge and dirty clothes piles.  It makes me really wish I hadn't bought a car the first day because then I could build one story up.  Now that the kids are growing up Mom has nothing to do because she had to quit her job.  I am having her spend all her time stocking the fridge.  But darnit if I don't pay attention to her she is trying to get on the computer and make an inappropriate forum post!

Now to the bad news.  Dad was 2 days from going elder when I decided to use my one time 10 day age freeze.  He doesn't have any athletic so he wouldn't have been able to continue work.  At that point he was level 8 in his career.  Right now he's level 9 and his charisma and logic suck.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to get education finished in time!  If not I'm going to be sooooo mad!  I know where I made my mistake.  I spent so much time keeping his hygiene up and not keeping his friendships up and increasing logic. 

As far as the age freeze goes I couldn't find any information on it online except that you can do it for the one time.  I was confused on what to do as far as the kids aging.  So what I did was wrote down the days each would age during the freeze and am aging them.  I have lifted culinary so I am allowed to use the cake.  If I did this wrong oh well.  I would have been stuck with a baby, 2 toddlers and 2 children.  At least this way the kids can up their skills even though I don't know what skills they will need for their jobs.  So that's where I am now.  Praying Dad gets promoted in the next week and skilling up the smelly kids like crazy.

 Brian and Stephanie.

 Stephanie playing chess with Dad.

 The basement where all the smelly things go.

 Eddie and Ella on the floor reading toddler books and Mom feeding baby Ethan.

All the kids skilling up on yet another snow day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apocalypse Challege 6 weeks in

So it's been 6 game weeks since the apocalypse challenge started.  Calvin is 10 days from turning elder and is level 6 in his career.  I don't know what to do if he can't make level 10 before become elder.  If you're not familiar with the challenge elders are uncontrollable until unlocked.  It seems most people just kill off their elders.  Eek!  Sierra is 13 days from turning elder and is pregnant with baby #3.  They had baby #2 Stephanie and got pregnant immediately.  I'm not wasting any time.  I keep having her listen to kids music but no twins have showed up.  Oh well.  Just makes it a bit harder.  Calvin's lifetime wish is surrounded by family which is to raise 5 kids to teenagers so I'm aiming for 5 although I don't think I'll have the time.  Brian, the heir, is a toddler and is spending his time reading toddler books.  I don't know what job he'll get so it's an advantage skill wise.  I know I said I wasn't going to play this challenge but I just had an itch to play it so we'll see how long it takes for me to either lose interest or get frustrated.

As you can see Brian got his Mom's hair and skin coloration.  Isn't he a cutie?

Supernatural family update

As you can see Nadia got her lifetime wish.  DD Horse, a unicorn, has joined the household.  So at the moment there is Nadia, Heath and Samantha... a dog, cat, horse and unicorn!  Yea I think it's a bit overwhelming.  I had to find a empty lot and build them a little house because I hated all of the houses in town and I needed space for the horse and unicorn to run.  Heath is level 8 in the criminal carrer so he should get his lifetime wish no problem.  Samantha just turned into a child.  I will try to remember to take a pic of her next time I play this family.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Not really a challenge...

So I've been doing nothing but challenges since I found the legacy challenge online.  I tried the apocolypse challenge but the restrictions kinda take the fun out of the game.  I tried playing the 100 baby challenge again but my heart just isn't into it.  It's the same thing over and over and over: get pregnant, have babies, teach babies, try to get good grades to get the kids out of the house.  I was having fun with it and Isobel has guys lined up to be baby daddies but I just can't keep my attention on it.  I already said I'm finished with the runaway challenge. So I searched for new challenges and nothing caught my attention.  There's only 2 weeks before The Sims 4 comes out.  I don't want to get into something that's going to take longer than that to finish.

So what did I do?  I decided to make a new household with sims I've never played before and wishes I've never done.  So I made a husband and wife.  A werewolf and a ghost.  He works the criminal career and wants to be the emporor of evil.  She wants to tame a unicorn.  So I gave her the fishing job so she can spend time where unicorns show up.  I hadn't thought about the amount of time the fishing areas are frozen over. 

 Nadia apparently ate a bad jellybean.  I thought it looked like a cool ghost.

 This picture is really hard to see but if you look close you can see the unicorn!  She met him fairy early on because I had been searching the map for the unicorn glow.

 Here's Nadia and Heath.

They both had the wish to have a baby and I wasn't going to do it at first but all the fishing spots froze up and the unicorn won't move in until she proves a friend of all animals.  I wanted a werewolf boy and got a ghost girl.  Oh well.  

Nadia has adopted a kitten and puppy to be friends with, next is a horse then she can invite the unicorn again.  I just hope their relationship meter doesn't go too low while she's busy taking care of baby Samantha.

Apocalypse Challenge

The picture says it all.  Hopelessness was lifted because Sierra got the top of her career.  Which is culinary.  This was on a Saturday and I thought oh darn I'll have to wait until Monday to call Calvin over and propose.  Well darned if he didn't show up at the local park while I was there!  So they had a shotgun wedding and Calvin went home with her.  That night Sierra aged up to adult.  She's having a midlife crisis but since I can't lock any wishes the point is moot.  Calvin quit his useless job as a grave worker and the first to pop up in the newspaper was Education.  I guess that's good.  He already has some charisma but no logic.

I had them try for baby on the second day and got the jingle on the first try.  But I still don't know if I want to play this challenge.  It's really difficult.  So keep watching the blog to see if I decide to keep going on the apocolypse challenge or not.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New challenge mabye?

So while looking at the legacy challenge website for information on The Sims 4 I noticed a link to the Apocalypse challenge website.  I read for hours all the rules and started a new game.  I've been playing for 3 sim weeks and have yet to get my founder to lift culinary.  I did the easy start which means your founder goes to university.  She went for 3 weeks but didn't get a degree.  While there I maxed her cooking skill and almost maxed her athletic.  Also, I maxed her charisma and made a bunch of friends.  When arriving home she bought skill books, got her culinary job and I built a little underground bunker.  The only item she brought from college other than some certificates for the wall was a bed.  The rules say 3 items but I really couldn't think of anything else to bring. 

So she's been toiling away at the culinary trade.  Whining constantly that she's hungry.  It's very annoying because I can't do anything with her until peanut butter sandwhich time.  A couple of times she ate at work and I'm going to try to find a way for her to eat earlier so she can also eat at work.  I don't think that's cheating.  On her day off she walked to the only park available to her and met some guys.  One seems to have potential although he doesn't have the right kind of job.  That takes me to the point I'm at now.  This is like the legacy challenge on steriods and darnit I had a hard time with the legacy challenge.  I just don't know if I want to do it.  That's why the title of this post says mabye.  I'm thinking of just going back to the 100 baby challenge and giving this one up.  Anyways here are a couple of pics that I shot during the time I've played it.

 Sierra on the first day taking the aptitude test.

 The first floor of the bunker.  It's really hard to see anything in these pics.

The second floor of the bunker.

Runaway Challenge Finished?

After being completely overwhelmed by triplets in the 100 baby challenge I decided to revisit my runaway challenge for a day.  Despite having quite a bit of money Sophie is having a hard time taking care of herself, Mariah and Fang the dog.  That changes pretty quick when Maraiah and Sophie age up on the same day.  Omar ages up 2 days later and moves in.  Sophie is abducted by aliens!  Then Omar and Sophie get married.  Despite not finishing their lifetime wishes I feel like the "runaway teen" part of the challenge is over.  I could continue to play them and finish their lifetime wishes but I just don't feel the urge to.  I think this challenge is finished.  I realize now that I never got a pic of Omar.  If I ever feel the urge to play this family again I will.

 Sophie holding toddler Mariah after their birthdays.

 Mariah is a child now wanting attention from Mom.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 2.2: Twins and Triplets Oh My!

I am completely overwhelmed.  First Isabel has twins then she has triplets!  I saved and quit right after the triplets were born I was just like omg!  Katie is still a child and cannot help.  Luckily the twins had just aged up to children too so it's just the triplets to teach to walk, talk and potty train.  Eek!  On a sad note Ariella passed on right after putting a baby in the crib.

 Grandma rocking baby Katie

 Katie, Cole and Cora in their cribs.

 Isabel ages to a young adult after the twins are born.  Isn't she beautiful?

 Isabel holding Cole.  His Dad has bright red hair so I have no idea where the blond came from but he did get his Mom's purple eyes.

 Death taking away our dear Ariella.  

Cole and Cora playing in the new sandbox.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 2.1: Isabel Has Her First Baby!

So the opportunity arose and I went with it.  Isabel got pregnant while still a teen and gave birth to a baby girl named Katie.  It was really easy.  He came home after school with her and I upped their friendship then the next day invited him over and boom we got a baby!  He aged up since then so she's on the prowl for another teenager to be baby daddy number two.  Ariella is enjoying her retirement and the kids are all having babies so she's getting wishes for more and more grandchildren, it's really cute.  I'm going to be sad when she passes on.  All of the kids but Isabel have all moved out.  The house is so empty!  Here are some pics for you...

 Only girls left in the house!

 Isabel turns into a teenager.

 Isabel getting to know the mascot.

 Ariella freed the genie from her lamp.

Isabel and Jeremy Lin after making baby #1!

 Isabel discovers she's pregnant outside of the school in the pouring rain, ugh.

 Isabel taking care of baby Katie while Ariella naps in the rocker.

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 1.8: Ariella Gets Old

Well there you have it guys.  Ariella's baby making days are over.  She has a wish to have 5 grandchildren and already has 3 from kids that have moved out.  Hopefully we can fulfill that wish before the reaper comes.  Isabel is doing horrible in school so I doubt we'll be aging her to teenager early.  Poor Ariella doesn't know what to do with herself and even had the wish to have a baby.  Sadly she cannot.  On a side note all of the darn elderly clothes suck.  It took me forever to pick something for her and I still don't like it.  If you look close the pants stop at the calves.  Looks goofy as hell.  So Ariella is spending her time upstairs sculpting away and Isabel is failing school.  We'll see what happens in my next post.

Sims 4 Create a Sim

The Sims 4 Create a Sim demo is now available on Origin.  I got an e-mail this morning.  Yay!  It's downloading now.  I will post pics if I figure out how to.  I have watched videos on youtube of people using the create a sim and it's driven me crazy.  Very exciting stuff here guys. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 1.7: The Heir is Born!

With 2 days left before aging to elder Ariella gave birth to baby Isabel.  Isabel is Ariella's 23rd child and will take over the challenge from her Mom.  I am nervous and excited about starting out new.  I have enabled teen pregnancy just in case I decide to go that route like I did in my Runaway Teen Challenge.  As you'll see in the pictures Isabel has black hair like her Dad but one thing I have no idea where she got is her eyes.  She has purple eyes!  They are so pretty.

On other news child number 5 Daisy has shacked up with the father of 14-18!  Yep that's right Daisy Marx is expecting a child from Robert Stanley!  Now how on earth do you figure the relationship of his kids?  Brother/uncle?  LMAO!  Another funny thing is that Ariella got the eternally faithful buff.  It says she has a pure reputation and has been faithful to Jacen Mann.  Now, Jacen married and had kids with someone else and Ariella was with 9 other guys.  Say what??  Hehehe

Ok so here are the pictures as promised.  One last note Aiden, Katie and Lissa have all moved out.

 Ariella in labor for the last time with baby Isabel.

Isabel as a toddler.

 Mom holding Isabel.

Isabel as a child.

TS3- 100 baby challenge 1.6: 21 and Counting

So my man problems have been solved.  I don't know if it's a bug or what but I have found if I get to best friend status with a male sim they can try for baby and not end up romantic interests.  It must be a bug.  I just make them best friends and then click on the shower or bed and try for baby.  I still have been unable to have twins or triplets even using the genie wish for a big family.  I think there must be something in the settings that I missed but keep forgetting to check.  I know it's possible because of the let's plays I've watched on youtube.  So I'm waiting for baby number 22 and Ariella is 9 days away from aging to elder!  Eek!  I'm really worried that it's going to be super hard with a new sim to start all over finding guys.  I may have no choice but to drop some guys in the town and clear out some of the families.  On a side note some of the kids who have moved out are hooking up.  One son, Bryan turned out gay because he has a male partner.    Celestia is pregnant.  Oh my babies are growing up!  Sorry about the lack of pictures.  I will try to remember to take some before my next post.  Since my last post Willow, Mandie and Robert Stanley have moved out.  I currently have 7 kids in the house and one on the way.

Monday, August 11, 2014

TS3- Baby Challenge 1.5: Up to 17!

So I have to say I thought the hardest part of this challenge would be raising the kids.  It's not.  It's finding men to whoohoo with and contending with story progression.  I met a guy, had one kid with him, next thing you know he's married and having a kid with someone else!  Then I made a sim, dropped a house for him to live in and went to his house immediately to meet him.  He was already at work!  Story progession sucks!  I ended up cheating with this guy.  I used edit town and moved him in with me.  We are waiting for baby number 5 now and I'm trying to decide what to do with him and who to use next.  Also, I got fertility treatment for both of them and they are still having single children.  Ariella spends her whole pregnancy listening to children's music and watching kids channel on tv.  It's ridiculous!  Whew sorry about the rant but sheesh.

So I'm up to 17 with another on the way.  Since my last post Devin, Lena, Chloe, Ryan Isaac and Ivan have all moved out.  They are costing me a fortune buying them houses and the money mover takes away for them.  I figure I started this challenge off rich instead of poor like most simmers do and I will end up poor once it's done.  Also, story progression has filled up the whole town and whenever I drop a new house for the kids to live in someone is living in there before I can move them in!  I end up having to edit town and delete the darn sim.  I've thought of moving to a new town so that there will be houses again and taking out story progression but then I won't be in the same town as my kids.  I wish I knew a way to delete like half the population.  I'm sure there's a way other than edit town but I don't know how.

Here's a few pics to entertain you:

 Mom building a snowman with Ivan

 Robert Stanley, the father of children 14-17 tutoring Mandie

 As you can see Mom now has red hair!  She had a midlife crisis and wanted to dye her hair.  She also wanted to remodel the house so I added a room to the second floor.  All in all she finished 8 midlife crisis wishes.  Whew.  The funny part is her next baby Aiden came out with red hair.

Robert, Katie, Aiden, Mandie and Willow watching tv.  Gotta up the fun after working hard at school every day to get that A!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

TS3- Baby Challege 1.4: Who are You Again?

Ok so I'm up to 12 children and more on the way.  Since finding a man is so hard and I don't see that as the challenge... the challenge is getting these kids brought up right.  I used Jacen Mann for 5 times.  I was thinking 5 each then clean slate and start over.  At this point I can't keep track of who is who!  So since my last post we've had Devin, Lena, Chloe, Ryan, Isaac and Ivan.  Ethan, Jordyn Celestia, Bryan, Daisy and Dylan have all moved out.  Here are some pics to entertain you.

The house we were living in was causing extreme lag so I ended up building a house.  This is the biggest house I've ever built.  It is an open plan with a girls room, boys room, 4 bathrooms, a pool and a garage.

 Mom chatting with Celestia.  Check out that maternity outfit sheesh.  Boy was I glad to get Celestia out of the house.  She had the unstable trait and kept needing to be checked into the hospital.

Jordyn tutoring Dylan.

Mom watching kids tv trying to get twins while Devon watches too.

Daisy and Dylan upping their logic so they can tutor the youngsters when they age up.

Mom holding Lena and look she's pregnant again!

I thought I'd try to get a pic of all of the kids together.  This is Devin, Lena, Chloe and Ryan doing homework together.