Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 2.1: Isabel Has Her First Baby!

So the opportunity arose and I went with it.  Isabel got pregnant while still a teen and gave birth to a baby girl named Katie.  It was really easy.  He came home after school with her and I upped their friendship then the next day invited him over and boom we got a baby!  He aged up since then so she's on the prowl for another teenager to be baby daddy number two.  Ariella is enjoying her retirement and the kids are all having babies so she's getting wishes for more and more grandchildren, it's really cute.  I'm going to be sad when she passes on.  All of the kids but Isabel have all moved out.  The house is so empty!  Here are some pics for you...

 Only girls left in the house!

 Isabel turns into a teenager.

 Isabel getting to know the mascot.

 Ariella freed the genie from her lamp.

Isabel and Jeremy Lin after making baby #1!

 Isabel discovers she's pregnant outside of the school in the pouring rain, ugh.

 Isabel taking care of baby Katie while Ariella naps in the rocker.

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