Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TS3- 100 Baby Challenge 1.8: Ariella Gets Old

Well there you have it guys.  Ariella's baby making days are over.  She has a wish to have 5 grandchildren and already has 3 from kids that have moved out.  Hopefully we can fulfill that wish before the reaper comes.  Isabel is doing horrible in school so I doubt we'll be aging her to teenager early.  Poor Ariella doesn't know what to do with herself and even had the wish to have a baby.  Sadly she cannot.  On a side note all of the darn elderly clothes suck.  It took me forever to pick something for her and I still don't like it.  If you look close the pants stop at the calves.  Looks goofy as hell.  So Ariella is spending her time upstairs sculpting away and Isabel is failing school.  We'll see what happens in my next post.

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