Saturday, February 28, 2015

TS4 Neighborhood Rotation- Keeping Up With The Jones's

 Chapter 1

I'm trying something totally new to me: a neighborhood rotation!  Not a challenge, just me hopping from house to house and messing with the sims lives.  I'm doing it on long lifespan.  I kept going back and forth with myself over whether to do aging or not and finally decided on long lifespan.  I'm calling it keeping up with the Jones's.  I got a husband and wife from the gallery called Jones by sarademoor.

(FYI In later chapters I don't bounce around like I do at first.  Sorry this chapter is so confusing.)


They move into the Oakenstead lot in Willow Creek.

Ansel and Elora Jones.

Ansel and Elora both have the Mansion Baron aspiration.  They are both materialistic also.  They want a big house and a big family to go with it and to know everyone in town.  The first thing they do is try for baby.

Elora is pregnant and thrilled about it!

Ansel gets a job as a tech guru even though I decide motherlode will be used as often as needed this story.

After Elora's pregnancy announcement I decide to drop by the Goth's home.


 Alexander works on his aspiration by playing chess with Mom.

I was going to get Bella pregnant but there's no room in the house.  After a day I decide they need a new house.  There's is so awkward to maneuver around in.

The Goth's new house.

Since all the Goths had to go to work and school I switched back to the Jones's.


Elora plants a garden so that she has something to do.

Elora goes to the park and meets June Kay and Mortimer Goth.  Hey Mortimer I thought you were supposed to be at work?

I decide that the Jones's need a new house.  I download Latius by Sturmankrief from the gallery.  I forgot to take a picture!  It's huge.  Once I placed the house all that they needed for their Mansion Baron aspiration is some columns.  So I drop some down and boom aspirations completed!  That's why it's keeping up with the Jones's, they have the nicest house by far.

Elora in her third trimester.  She found this clay on the kitchen counter.  Everyone keeps playing with it.

Elora decides to take up painting since there's no room for a garden at the new house.

Ansel is very excited about the new family member.

Elora gives birth to a girl, Buffy Jones.  I wanted snobby names, lol.  They try for baby and are pregnant again.

I get impatient and age up Buffy.  Looks like she takes after her Mom.

 Buffy gets a makeover.  That hat had to go!

Buffy and Mom go to the park and Buffy meets Alexander Goth.

Then she meets her neighbor Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

Meanwhile Mom makes friends with Katrina Caliente.

On Saturday Buffy invites Olivia over and they become B.F.F.

Elora goes into labor!  I was too busy with the girls and completely forgot!

 It's a boy!  Sebastian Jones.  The next morning they try for baby again and Elora is once again pregnant.  They sure are in a hurry to have a big family.

I decide to play another household for awhile but I can't pick one.  There's too many to choose from.


 At first I think about playing Babs L'Amour.  Babs is a serial romantic and materialistic, clumsy and non-commital.  After seeing this I decide to put Babs on the back burner and try someone else.


I decide to try siblings Ollie and Cassidy Purdue.  I decide they need a new house.  I find one that will work in my library 3br Craftsman Starter by ruthless_kk.

Going by their aspirations I get Ollie a easel and he joins the painter career and Cassidy gets a guitar and joins the entertainer career.  I spend the day there and then the next day I hop over to the Pancakes house.


They try for baby and Eliza is eating for two!

Then I switch to the Goths....


Yep I did it, Bella is pregnant too.  (later I'll learn this was a mistake to get 2 pregnant in a row)

I was going to travel with the family and found out Mortimer has been cheating with June Kay!

I leave the Goths and pop back to the Jones's...


Sebastian aged up to child.  His traits are rambunctious scamp and active.

Elora gave birth to another girl Mercedes Jones.  They decide to wait to have any more babies.

I switched to the Pancakes so I can be there for the birth...


Bob was so funny when Eliza went into labor.

It's a boy!  Chandler Pancakes.


Then I go to switch to the Goths for Bella's birth only to see I missed it.  Which is why I shouldn't have gotten two sims pregnant in a row.  <pout>  I'm so disappointed.

I searched the house and there they were.  Don't let the pink bassinets fool you.  Yes, Bella had twin boys!  The boys are Kayden and Charlie.  I wish there was a way to change their names.  Charlie Goth?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challege- Tragedy and New Sims

All I need for this challenge is for the U.F.O. plant to be perfect and have the house be worth $350,000.  They've been camping on the lawn through this whole challenge.  I went on the gallery and bought rooms.  They now have the startings of a house.  The bills went up $6,000 a week!

pic:  Dante caught fire cooking when I wasn't paying attention.

pic:  I was shocked when Danielle didn't put him out but routed to safety instead.  Dante dies.

After Dante died the game got really boring so Danielle adopted a girl Emilie and a boy Emilio.

pic:  Danielle bringing home Emilie.

pic:  Danielle bringing home Emilio.

Emilie is angry about new sibling and Emilio is sad.

pic:  The kids fishing.

Brett and Danielle age to adults.

Truthfully this challenge is really boring me.  I don't know if I'm going to continue it.  I might take a break from it, not sure.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Collections Complete!

If you remember Jade and Jasmine passed away.  The kids take vacation days from school so they can take care of the garden.  When their vacation days run out they all just skip school.  Finally 6 days after their mothers passed away they age up to young adult.

Brett spends his time on space missions while Dante gathers the local collectables and helps his sister in the garden.

I finally give in and buy a fridge.  They waste so much food it seemed worth it even if it doesn't go with the campy theme of the challenge.

Danielle keeps mourning at the gravestones so finally it aggravates me so much I put them in the inventory.

Although it's not part of the challenge so it's not going into the museum but still of note, Brett completes the alien collection.

pic:  After around 15 sim days of constant missions Brett finally gets the U.F.O. plant completing the garden collection!

pic:  Dante completed the crystals collection!

pic:  They all take a break to fish.

All of the collections are complete.  The museum is finished.  Now to get all of the plants to perfect and get a house worth $350,000.  Currently they have just under $200,000.  I'm thinking it's going to be very boring trying to raise the money.  I need to find some way to spice things up.  Sorry this was surch a short post but it was really boring and there wasn't much to report until the alien plant and then the crystal was found.

Friday, February 13, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Birthdays & Deaths

pic:  Jade ages to elder.

pic:  Jasmine ages to elder.

pic:  The kids love playing with the cowplant.

pic:  Jade completed the metals collection.  The museum is coming along nicely.

pic:  Brett ages up to teen.

pic:  Danielle ages up to teen.

pic:  Dante ages up to teen.

pic:  Brett starting to build his rocket.  Gotta get that ufo plant!

pic:  Brett's first time exploring space.

pic:  Brett crashed the rocketship.

pic:  Jasmine passes away while gardening with her kids.

pic:  Jade passes away while fishing.

I thought I'd let the pictures say all that had been happening for me.  A lot happened.  The kids going to school is a nuisance.  I can't wait for them to be done.  We'll have to see how the kids fare without their mothers now.  Jasmine and Jade died at the same time.  Grim had to finish with Jasmine before he came to Jade though so she laid there for quite awhile.  All I have left is the crystals collection and the ufo plant to get.  Also the plants in the garden aren't all perfect.  Then it's just saving up enough to build or buy a house worth $350,000.  That won't be easy.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Bigger Suprises

As you might remember from my last post Jade and Jasmine each had a fling while on vacation and ended up pregnant.  Jade gave birth to a boy named Brett.  Jasmine to my horror gave birth to twins!  A boy named Dante and a girl named Danielle. 

pic:  As you can tell Jade and Jasmine were sleeping when they went into labor.   They got out of bed, a basinet appeared and they gave birth one right after the other.

pic:  With 3 babies to take care of the girls garden together and stay close to home.

pic:  Ghost Jax trying to "help" with the babies, but just getting in the way.

pic:  Brett aged up to child.

 pic:  Dante and Danielle age up to children.

pic:  The kids all fishing.

I placed a second outhouse and shower since there are 5 sims now.

pic:  Everyone sleeping in their camping beds.

pic:  Everyone sitting down to breakfast.

I realize that fishing increases children's mental skill.  Very interesting.

I pick up the air beds and buy the cabin-in-a-bag to see if everyone can sleep in it.  They can't.  It sleeps 4.  Back to the camp beds.

After days of not finding the metals and crystals needed to complete the collections Jade goes on vacation alone to search for the last insect needed.

Jade's trip is successful!  She finds the katydids and completes the insect collection.

pic:  A sim in a bear suit comes up to Jade and scares her.  She got all kinds of bad moodlets from it.

I now need 1 metal, 1 crystal and 1 plant to complete my collections.  The plant is the ufo plant.  I plan to have one of the 3 kids be the one to go into space to look for it.  I'm frustrated that when I go places like parks and neighborhoods there don't seem to be dig sites like there used to be.  I can only dig in the neighborhood they live in.