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Thursday, February 12, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Bigger Suprises

As you might remember from my last post Jade and Jasmine each had a fling while on vacation and ended up pregnant.  Jade gave birth to a boy named Brett.  Jasmine to my horror gave birth to twins!  A boy named Dante and a girl named Danielle. 

pic:  As you can tell Jade and Jasmine were sleeping when they went into labor.   They got out of bed, a basinet appeared and they gave birth one right after the other.

pic:  With 3 babies to take care of the girls garden together and stay close to home.

pic:  Ghost Jax trying to "help" with the babies, but just getting in the way.

pic:  Brett aged up to child.

 pic:  Dante and Danielle age up to children.

pic:  The kids all fishing.

I placed a second outhouse and shower since there are 5 sims now.

pic:  Everyone sleeping in their camping beds.

pic:  Everyone sitting down to breakfast.

I realize that fishing increases children's mental skill.  Very interesting.

I pick up the air beds and buy the cabin-in-a-bag to see if everyone can sleep in it.  They can't.  It sleeps 4.  Back to the camp beds.

After days of not finding the metals and crystals needed to complete the collections Jade goes on vacation alone to search for the last insect needed.

Jade's trip is successful!  She finds the katydids and completes the insect collection.

pic:  A sim in a bear suit comes up to Jade and scares her.  She got all kinds of bad moodlets from it.

I now need 1 metal, 1 crystal and 1 plant to complete my collections.  The plant is the ufo plant.  I plan to have one of the 3 kids be the one to go into space to look for it.  I'm frustrated that when I go places like parks and neighborhoods there don't seem to be dig sites like there used to be.  I can only dig in the neighborhood they live in.

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