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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Two Collections Complete & Two Pregnancies

pic:  Jade maxxed her handiness skill and breaks open the entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.

pic:  Jade fishing in the Forgotten Grotto.  She didn't catch any of the fish she needed on her 1st day.

pic:  Jade completed the elements collection.  They're all on the display rack.

Jade went back to the Forgotten Grotto the next day and caught all 3 of the fish she needed from there.

pic:  Jasmine goes fishing at the Willow Creek pond.  I read it's easier to catch the pirana at lower level.  She tried several days with no luck.  (She ended up catching it in Oasis Springs)

Jade and Jasmine age to adults.  It's time to think about the next generation.

pic:  Jade travels to Sylvan Glade to go fishing.

Jade completes the fish collection!

The girls go on vacation.

pic:  Jasmine meets a guy named Kristopher and they have their first kiss.

Kristopher and Jasmine try for baby then wave goodbye to each other.

pic:  Jade seduces an elderly ranger named Nick.

Jade and Nick try for baby too.  Let's hope there's no twins this time.

pic:  Jade is pregnant!

pic:  Jasmine is pregnant!

Right after finding out the girls were pregnant I had them travel back to their camp but it got stuck in map view.  It took over an hour to get the game to work again.  I thought I lost this whole save.

With pregnancy Jade can't really fish because she has to pee so much so she helps with the garden.

pic:  Jade and Jasmine in their third trimesters.

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