Saturday, January 31, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Kaci's Era Ends

This one might be a little long.  I wanted to end it with Raven turning young adult.  But before all that...

Kaci gives birth to a girl named Tori.

pic:  Dillan & Lila get A's and age to teens.

When I looked before Kaci had the baby she had 6 days till elder.  I looked a little while later and it said 7.  This is driving me crazy.

Kaci acieves the Faboulously Wealthy aspiration.

Lara got an A and moved out.

Kaci visits the Foley's next door and is pregnant by Mason.  (5 days to elder)

pic:  Tori ages to child.

Dillan and Lila get A's in school and move out.

pic:  Kara and Kayla get A's in school and age to teen.

I checked Kaci's age, it said 4 days and then switched to 5 within seconds.  I really think the game is bugged.

Kaci gives birth to twins a boy Evan and a girl Raven.

Kaci visits the Foleys and is pregnant again.  The father this time is Johnny.  (She has 4 days to elder)

pic:  Evan and Raven age up to children.

Kara and Kayla get A's and move out.

pic:  Tori got an A and aged to teen.

Kaci gave birth to twin boys Chad and Tim.

pic:  Evan passed out after school.  He started playing the motion gaming rig then just stopped and passed out.  It was hilarious.

After a lot of thought I decide I'm ready for a new matriarch and with Kaci not aging it might take forever so I decide Raven will be the heir and I will let Kaci age with no more pregnancies.

pic:  Tim and Chad age to children.

Tori gets an A in school and moves out.

pic:  Evan and Raven get A's in school and age to teens.  I couldn't get a pic of them together.

pic:  Here's Raven as a teen.  I changed her clothes after this pic was taken.

The weekend comes and Kaci takes the family on vacation for 2 days.  They get the largest cabin.

pic:  Everyone just arriving to the campsite.

pic:  Evan and Raven chatting.  Raven looks a little filthy.

pic:  Kaci's birthday comes while they are camping and she ages to elder.

pic:  Everyone outside playing in the last few hours of the trip.

A few days later Evan and Raven got A's in school and Evan moved out.  Now it's time for Raven to take over from her mother.

Baby Count: 69

Friday, January 30, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Pregnancy Screws with Aging

Nothing exciting has happened recently.  Just everyday Baby Challenge life.  I did have a glitch where nobody could cook.  It would take the money but it would never que up cooking.  I looked at the forums and ended up repairing the game via Origin.  That fixed it.  I've also had some game lag off and on.  Not sure how to fix that.  But you didn't come here to hear about my problems!  You want to know about the challenge.  So here's your update.

pic: Lara ages to child.

Something is keeping Kaci from aging.  She keeps boucing from 10 days to elder to 9 and back.

Kaci gives birth to twins a boy Dillan and a girl Lila.

Kaci is pregnant by Wade Foley

Cliff gets an A in school and moves out.

pic:  Isis gets an A in school and ages to teen.  She doesn't look too happy about it.

pic:  Dillan and Lila age to children.

pic:  Lila, Isis, Lara and Dillan doing homework.  Usually they're scattered around the house doing it so I thought I'd take a quick shot.

Kaci gives birth to twin girls Kara and Kayla.

Isis gets an A and moves out.

pic:  Lara gets an A and ages to teen.

I can't figure out why Kaci's age isn't really going down.  She was at 8 days when she had the twins.

Kaci got pregnant by Forrest Foley.  7 days to age up because I waited a day to see if it would go down.

pic: Kara and Kayla age up to children.

Total babies so far: 66

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Outdoor Retreat

Since it's Saturday Kaci decides to take the kids on a short vacation.

pic: Arriving at the cabin.

Kaci met Clyde Babcock on vacation and seduced him.  She is pregnant again.

pic: Kaci roasts marshmallows.

pic:  Kaci tells stories by the fire.

pic: Playing horseshoes with the twins.

pic: All the family tries out horseshoes.

pic:  Brett ages to child.

Colin and Zoe get A's after the weekend.  Colin moves out but Zoe stays because she's the only girl.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Bria.  Zoe moves out.

Kaci gets preggo by Eric Bachelor.

pic: Camron & Craig get A's and age up to teens.  Both have mohawks.  I try something new out and have them take a vacation day from school to get their skill to 3.  It works great and I plan to do so with the rest of the teens.

pic:  Bria ages to child.

Kaci got the Never Weary reward trait.

pic:  Brett got an A in school and aged to teen.

Kaci gave birth to a boy Kevin.

The family went on vacation again since it was the weekend.  Camron & Craig get homesick the moment they arrive.  They didn't have much fun this time.

pic: Everyone eating at the cabin.

After searching the gallery for men I ended up making my own  household of 8 men and sticking them next door.  Kaci visits and brings home Brayden Foley and was pregnant again.

 pic:  Kevin ages to child

Camron & Craig get A's in school and move out.

pic:  Bria gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci gives birth to a boy Cliff.

Kaci brings home Byron Foley and is pregnant again.

pic:  Kevin gets an A and ages to teen.

pic:  Cliff ages to child.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Isis.

Kaci visits next door and is pregnant by Jeff Foley.

Bria got an A and moved out.

pic:  Isis ages to child.

Kevin gets an A in school and moves out.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Lara.

Kaci visits Ben Foley and is pregnant again.

pic: Cliff gets an A and ages to teen.

Baby total: 62

TS4 Baby Challenge- Back At It

I took 10 days off of the Baby Challenge and completed 2 other challenges: the Whim Challenge and the Room Challenge.  Plus I bought and experimented with Outdoor Retreat.  Coming back to my Baby Challenge game I felt disoriented.  It took me a couple sim days to get back into the swing of things.  So here we go, here's the update on how things are going.  It may be a bit long.

First Kaci visited the Bachelor house and brought Richie home.  She was soon eating for two again.

Lea & Liam both got A's in school and moved out.

pic:  Travis ages to child.

pic:  Sarah and Travis cloudgazing on the lawn.

pic:  Wade and Sarah swimming.

Kaci completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Zoe.

Wade got an A in high school and moved out.

I hate it when the kids stop doing their homework.  Gotta watch them like a hawk!

Kaci returned to the Bachelor home and brought Ralf home with her.  She was soon pregnant again.

pic:  Sarah gets an A and ages to teen.

pic:  Zoe ages to child.  Kaci always seems to be in her pjs in these pics.

Kaci has horrible morning sickness with this pregnancy and is constantly throwing up and cleaning toilets.

Purchased Kaci the Hardly Hungry reward trait because she is always hungry!

pic:  Travis gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci gives birth to a baby boy Colin.

Kaci ages to adult.  She just spun in a circle and sparkled and it popped up that she had aged.

John Bachelor was walking by so Kaci invited him inside and of course they tried for baby and she was pregnant again.

pic:  Colin aged to child.  That's Sarah in her swimsuit watching.

After the weekend Sarah and Travis both get A's in high school and move out.

Kaci gave birth to twin boys Camron & Craig.

pic:  Zoe gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci travels next door and brings Andy Bachelor back to try for baby.  She's pregnant yet again.

pic:  Craig and Cameron age up to children.  Notice the almost identical outfits!

pic:  Colin got an A and aged to teen.

After getting sick of the kids coming home with red fun need I bought a motion gaming rig.

Kaci gives birth to a boy Brett.  Time to find the next father/victim! 

Total Children so far: 57

TS4 Room Challenge- Challenge Complete!

I have no idea how I managed to finish this challenge.  I really thought it was impossible.  I feel proud to have finished.

Star maxxed the painting skill. +10

She spent the rest of week 7 painting and writing books.  Until she finished Fabously Wealthy.  +5 Then she switched to Mansion Baron.  She finished the 1st and 2nd levels of Mansion Baron. +10

Pic:  First I put a hedge around the land for the landscaping part of the aspiration.  Then I put up windows on walls.

 pic:  I put out suits of armour to use up some of the simoleans.

pic:  I just put out the cheapest columns to complete that part of the aspiration.

pic:  Just a pic of Star and her little house.

Finished the 3rd part of Mansion Baron.  +5

Started week 8 $100,000 simoleans from goal.  That's a lot of painting!

Maxxed the comedy skill.  +10

Spent the rest of the week painting and on day 54 I completed the Mansion Baron aspiration!

Pic: Mansion Baron completed!

pic: Skills completed.

pic:  All of the traits Star got.

pic:  Star gets a gate and can now leave her house!

Last total: 184
-12 days
maxxed painting & comedy skill +20
1 level faboulously wealthy +5
4 levels mansion baron +20
Final Score: 217