Saturday, January 31, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Kaci's Era Ends

This one might be a little long.  I wanted to end it with Raven turning young adult.  But before all that...

Kaci gives birth to a girl named Tori.

pic:  Dillan & Lila get A's and age to teens.

When I looked before Kaci had the baby she had 6 days till elder.  I looked a little while later and it said 7.  This is driving me crazy.

Kaci acieves the Faboulously Wealthy aspiration.

Lara got an A and moved out.

Kaci visits the Foley's next door and is pregnant by Mason.  (5 days to elder)

pic:  Tori ages to child.

Dillan and Lila get A's in school and move out.

pic:  Kara and Kayla get A's in school and age to teen.

I checked Kaci's age, it said 4 days and then switched to 5 within seconds.  I really think the game is bugged.

Kaci gives birth to twins a boy Evan and a girl Raven.

Kaci visits the Foleys and is pregnant again.  The father this time is Johnny.  (She has 4 days to elder)

pic:  Evan and Raven age up to children.

Kara and Kayla get A's and move out.

pic:  Tori got an A and aged to teen.

Kaci gave birth to twin boys Chad and Tim.

pic:  Evan passed out after school.  He started playing the motion gaming rig then just stopped and passed out.  It was hilarious.

After a lot of thought I decide I'm ready for a new matriarch and with Kaci not aging it might take forever so I decide Raven will be the heir and I will let Kaci age with no more pregnancies.

pic:  Tim and Chad age to children.

Tori gets an A in school and moves out.

pic:  Evan and Raven get A's in school and age to teens.  I couldn't get a pic of them together.

pic:  Here's Raven as a teen.  I changed her clothes after this pic was taken.

The weekend comes and Kaci takes the family on vacation for 2 days.  They get the largest cabin.

pic:  Everyone just arriving to the campsite.

pic:  Evan and Raven chatting.  Raven looks a little filthy.

pic:  Kaci's birthday comes while they are camping and she ages to elder.

pic:  Everyone outside playing in the last few hours of the trip.

A few days later Evan and Raven got A's in school and Evan moved out.  Now it's time for Raven to take over from her mother.

Baby Count: 69

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