Sunday, February 1, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Raven Begins Her Rein

Raven begins her rein as matriarch with an elder mother and twin brothers still in the house with her.

I downloaded Legacy Loves Men 3 from the gallery and placed them in the house next door.

Raven went to visit her new neighbors and brought Lance McDonnell home.  It took 4 tries for her to get pregnant!

Raven works on her handiness skill on the woodworking table.

pic:  Raven's brother's Chad and Tim get A's and age up to teens.

Raven gives birth to a boy Aiden.

Raven's handiness skill gets fairly high and she starts upgrading everything in the house.

Raven visits next door again and brings home Sterling Silver.  She gets pregnant on the 1st try this time.

Chad and Tim get A's and move out.

pic:  Aiden ages to child.  He looks just like his Dad.

Raven gives birth to a girl Mary.

Raven visits next door and brings home Van Williams.  She's pregnant again on the 1st try.

pic:  Aiden gets an A and ages up to teen.

pic:  Kaci passes on from old age.

pic:  Grim coming for Kaci.

Nobody has any negative moodlets from Kaci's death.

Mary ages to child but somehow the picture got lost.  :(

Raven gives birth to twins, a boy Cyrus and a girl Amie.

Raven once again went next door and brought home Jaden Stone.  She's pregnant again.

pic:  Cyrus and Amie age up to children.

Baby Count So Far: 73

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