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TS2- Curiouser and Curiouser Part 2

Part 2

Lazlo was pregnant again and Nebula aged to a toddler.

This time it's a girl with alien eyes, Jupiter.

Jupiter ages to toddler and check out that baby bump on Sasha!  As soon as Jupiter was born they autonomously tried for baby and got pregnant.

Nebula aged to child.

I had a heck of a time getting a pic, this is through a window.  He's a boy, Jasper.

Jasper ages to toddler and yes Sasha is pregnant again!  I just decided if they want to keep trying for a baby on their own let them at it.

Jupiter ages to child.  She's pretty but has a weird nose.

Twins are born!  A girl, Danielle and a boy Dillan.

Jasper ages to child.  He seems very excited about it.

First Danielle ages to toddler...

...then Dillan.

Lastly Nebula ages to a teen.

There's still room for one more in the house.  I keep waiting to see if they get pregnant again.  Normally I hate having so many kids but I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this household.

Part 3 (coming soon)

TS2- Curiouser and Curiouser Part 1

Part 1

You know the story of the Curious brothers.  They live in Strangetown and when you first play the house Pascal is pregnant with an alien baby.  Well, I've never played Strangetown so I thought I'd play the Curious brothers.  First, I hated the house.  Second, I didn't like Pascal or Vidcund.  But I loved Lazlo.  Sooo I decided to make a simmy love for Lazlo and move him out of that goofy house.

Meet Sasha and her pet pug Frank.  Sasha is a paranormal investigator and has moved to Strangetown to investigate the Curious family.

After getting to know Lazlo she confesses her undying love for him...

...and asks him to marry her.

I hated the house they were in so I got this off of Mod The Sims.
You can download it here.
Now, like 2 seconds after taking this shot they ran into the house and christened the couch and made a baby... they moved fast!  I was too busy looking at the cool new house to notice until I heard the jingle!

So since I didn't want a wedding in maternity clothes they threw a wedding party and invited Pascal and Vidcund.

 Despite having no food or music the wedding ended up being a roof raiser.

Lazlo thought it would be cool if they were pregnant at the same time so he summoned some aliens.

Surprisingly that little flashlight really works!

I think he was re-thinking his decision afterwards.

But wait, shouldn't Sasha be pregnant too you ask?  Grrr.  Stupid Inteen.  The night that Lazlo got pregnant she came home from work and had a miscarriage.  Apparently you can't try for baby while the dad is pregnant so she couldn't try again.  I have since added the "no miscarriage" flavor pack.

Isn't this crib awesome.  I got tons of space-type custom content for the house.  Oh and the baby was a boy, they named him Nebula.

After days of trying for baby with Sasha, Lazlo decides it's just going to be alien babies for them after-all and signals the spaceship again.

TS2 Apocalypse Challenge 1.1: OMG Zombies!

Chapter 1.1: OMG Zombies!

Let me explain right away why there aren't many pictures... 1. College was boring: she did nothing but skill, make friends and make flowers... there was hardly anything to take pics of.  2. After returning home she did nothing but work and skill (trying to get her lifetime wish of maxing all skills)... once again, boring.  3. Something happened to Fraps, the program I take my screenshots with, I didn't realize it until I had looked and saw I was missing a bunch of pictures.  I am print screening all the pics, at least for now.

So I decided to take Phaenoh's advise and bring back from college a smart milk, snapdragon and elixir of life.  Meaning I was on a tight time-table.  I had to roll double 6's before graduation or leave something behind.  ~12 hours before final senior exam I rolled double 6's!  I thought for sure I was leaving that smart milk behind.  Okay, on to the story....

This is my founder Alaya Bellamy and her college boyfriend Brandon.  He was the only guy in the dorm that she had 2 lightning bolts for and I love that hair.

Since he seemed the best choice and I wanted to have a mate picked out before the apocalypse she proposed.

I had this whole list of things lined up for her to do and suddenly it disappeared and I found her outside like this.

She was recruited into a secret society called the LFT society.  She went just the once, I didn't see anything there that she needed and she had better things to do.

Like working tirelessly and letting her grades drop while trying to make a snapdragon flower.  I've never really used the floral bench so I had no idea how cool the snapdragon is!

When Alaya was about to graduate college Patient Zero contracted the zombie virus!  Although I have seen him shamble past the house several times I haven't actually seen any other zombies so I don't think he's attacking like he's supposed to.

Alaya returns from college to this little bunker.  It is actually the house that came with the military base built by Phaenoh.  I tried to build one like it but I suck at building and couldn't figure out the stilts so I figured oh well, I'll just use hers.  I did make a few changes before I moved her in.

Here's the bunker from the outside.  She's off to brave the outside world to get a job.

She gets a job at the local soup kitchen.

She goes inside but is too nervous to talk to anyone and leaves.

She invites Brandon over once when her social is tanked but it was just too weird seeing him dressed in his college clothes as if nothing had happened.

Fast-forward through weeks of doing nothing but working, skilling and trying to attract neighborhood strays.  With 11 days left until aging to elder Alaya hits the top of her career and lifts hopelessness.  She buys a stove and makes a turkey to celebrate.

Chapter 1.2: Oh the Roaches!

TS2 Apocalypse Challenge- 1.0: Building an Apocalypse

Chapter 1.0: Building an Apocalypse

Before my laptop took a turn for the worse I had planned to do Pinstar's new apocalypse challenge for Sims 4.  Bored with my Awesimsauce Challenge, I decided to check out his site for the Sims 2 version.  After reading most of the rules and trying to figure out how on earth I'd remember them I stumbled upon Phaenoh's version of the challenge on Mod the Sims.  I then spent over a day reading the entire forum thread.  This challenge is going to be more of an undertaking than any other challenge I've done before and I'm looking forward to going waaaay out of my comfort zone with this one!  I thought it might be helpful for others to post links to any mods or custom content that I add as I add it.  I plan to update this page as I go, if I add anything new.

 This is Terminus.  It's the first neighborhood I've ever built.  The shack way out by the edge of town is the zombie's home.  The 3 buildings together are the soup kitchen, military base and first aid station.  Obviously the other building is Alaya's fort.


Custom Content


Custom Content


Dirty jeans 
*It turns out that you can't really change their looks the way the mods are set up but I thought I'd leave these links for anyone who wanted them.*

Chapter 1.1: OMG Zombies!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

TS2- Poverty Challenge... What the Heck was I Thinking???

Chapter 8

I've been reading some old Sims 2 blogs and saw some cool looking pets.  So I went on Mod the Sims and found this.  It's called Pokemon Pets Furret.  I named her Meowser.

Maxx is like: "Who Dis?"

 A couple of other things I saw that I downloaded.  The baby is Ellie's baby Bella that I didn't get a pic of for the last chapter.

Ellie invites Gabriel over for a little fun times and baby #2 (for her) is on it's way.

Faithe's daughter Sara ages up to child.  It's the first transition I've had in awhile without aspiration failure.  Yay!

Awe.  I hate it when my pets become elders.  It's so sad.

Yet another transition.  Bella ages to toddler.  It seems like Mia is always the one to help the babies age even though none of them have been hers yet.

Speaking of babies... Remember the fun meeting with the matchmaker?  Mae has the first boy in the family, Ryan.

Mia has a girl, Angela.

The next day Ellie has another boy, Jacob.  Seriously I didn't even realize I'd named them Bella and Jacob until after it was done.  It was not a Twilight reference, lmao!

Zitella's ghost haunts the house every night.  She scares everyone, wakes them up and just plain pisses me off.  I'm really starting to hate playing this house because of her.

The next night when the haunting starts again I give in and try to "move the grave".  It works but I'm not sure if that will stop the hauntings or not.  Unfortunately for some stupid reason, even though she made their lives hell, everyone cries over it as if she had just died.

Okay, so at this point you're probly wondering about the title of this chapter: what the heck was I thinking???  *sigh*  I now have a household of 10.  2 pets, 3 adults, 1 child, 1 toddler and 3 babies!  I had originally planned to move out one or two of the adults to make room for more babies but that's NOT happening.  I'm miserable, they're all miserable.  I can't keep anyone's needs up.  The child, Sara, is constantly in need of fun.  I'll direct her to watch tv or something and she'll stop and complain that she needs fun!  The toddler, Bella, keeps wetting her diaper and needing a bath because I keep forgetting to have someone take her to the potty chair.  And the babies, oh the babies, they ALL need diaper changes and fed at the same time! *double sigh*  I think at this point I'm going to take a break from this challenge and pick it back up when I'm less frazzled!

Chapter 9

TS2- Poverty Challenge... Birthday Time

Chapter 4

Despite the shock of twin babies when I wasn't even sure I wanted one more baby I was sucked back in to playing this challenge.  I just can't stop, it's got to be one of the most enjoyable challenges I've played.  The house still doesn't have windows but it does have lights now.  All the walls have paint.  Everything but the beds are the cheapest possible and luckily only the tub has broken once.  But it's all good.  The family has each other.  With the twins Zitella doesn't get much of a chance to fish before winter but she's still getting paid vacation days from work so money is coming in.  Most of this post will be birthdays, hence the title.

Hehe.  I just loved this pic.

 This is the way the house looked after the twins were born.

 Faithe got an A in school.  I love how they get all excited and run to their parents in this game.

 A little mother/daughter fishing time to get money to add on to the house.

 First, Ellie aged to child.

 Then, Mia to toddler.

 Then, Mae.  Notice Ellie's new bedroom in the background.

 What on earth is she doing outside the house with that bag?

 Argh!  So unfair.  I actually get a genie lamp and I can't use it.  It's against the rules.  So I put it in the inventory for after the challenge is over.

 Awe, twin love.  :)

 Boo hiss!  I don't want Zitella to age to elder!

 Both Faithe and Ellie had a want to get a puppy and they had a little extra cash so meet Maxx... the new man of the house.  Hehe.

 Faithe ages to teen.  The nose that I thought looked so cute before kinda looks goofy now.

 Next up is Mae aging to child.  Boy time flies!

 Then Mia.  She had this stupid stink cloud floating around her since she was a toddler despite high hygiene.  I ended up having to do a cheat and lower her hygiene completely and have her shower to get rid of it.

 Now this isn't dangerous at all.  :)

Chapter 5