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Saturday, January 9, 2016

TS2- Poverty Challenge... Birthday Time

Chapter 4

Despite the shock of twin babies when I wasn't even sure I wanted one more baby I was sucked back in to playing this challenge.  I just can't stop, it's got to be one of the most enjoyable challenges I've played.  The house still doesn't have windows but it does have lights now.  All the walls have paint.  Everything but the beds are the cheapest possible and luckily only the tub has broken once.  But it's all good.  The family has each other.  With the twins Zitella doesn't get much of a chance to fish before winter but she's still getting paid vacation days from work so money is coming in.  Most of this post will be birthdays, hence the title.

Hehe.  I just loved this pic.

 This is the way the house looked after the twins were born.

 Faithe got an A in school.  I love how they get all excited and run to their parents in this game.

 A little mother/daughter fishing time to get money to add on to the house.

 First, Ellie aged to child.

 Then, Mia to toddler.

 Then, Mae.  Notice Ellie's new bedroom in the background.

 What on earth is she doing outside the house with that bag?

 Argh!  So unfair.  I actually get a genie lamp and I can't use it.  It's against the rules.  So I put it in the inventory for after the challenge is over.

 Awe, twin love.  :)

 Boo hiss!  I don't want Zitella to age to elder!

 Both Faithe and Ellie had a want to get a puppy and they had a little extra cash so meet Maxx... the new man of the house.  Hehe.

 Faithe ages to teen.  The nose that I thought looked so cute before kinda looks goofy now.

 Next up is Mae aging to child.  Boy time flies!

 Then Mia.  She had this stupid stink cloud floating around her since she was a toddler despite high hygiene.  I ended up having to do a cheat and lower her hygiene completely and have her shower to get rid of it.

 Now this isn't dangerous at all.  :)

Chapter 5

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