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Friday, January 8, 2016

TS2- Poverty Challenge... Matchmaking Madness!


Ellie ages to adult.

Aspiration failure again!

Welcome back doc.

After several failed attempts at finding the right guy for Ellie to have babies with she met Gabriel and had a pretty good date with him.

She invited him to the house the next day and the baby-making began.

Think fishing for money is easy?  Try taking each fish individually out of the inventory of the sim and then selling it individually in buy mode.  I hate doing it so much I let them pile up.  This is almost a week's worth from all 4 sims.

With the fishing money I built 2 new rooms.  A nursery...

... and a bathroom.

Is it wrong to say Sara is horrifyingly ugly?!?

That's a little better.  Her parent's genetics did not do her any favors though.

I saw the basketball court on someone's blog but realized I couldn't get it for this challenge because they would gain body skill which would get them promoted.  So I got them the llama game.  I've never gotten it before, it's pretty cool to watch.

Wondering why all of my sims in this challenge have had aspiration failure when they aged up?  Look at Mae's wants and fears.  She wants to go to private school, college, ect.  Fears not going... when she ages up having failed to do so she will bottom out.  It's been the same for all of them.

The twins age up.  I figured you didn't want to see another montage of aspiration failures.

After the annoyance of finding the perfect baby-daddy for Ellie I decided to use a matchmaker for the twins.  They each bought a love potion #8.5 and asked for a blind date.

We interrupt this matchmaking session to "panhandle simoleans".

Mabye drinking this potion will make him look less like a garbage man.

Oh sorry I was so bored with you I decided to go to sleep.

After the twins are knocked-up it's time to make room in the house.  Faithe never took care of her baby, the rest of them did and she has terrible genetics as shown by poor Sara.  So bye bye Faithe.

You may be wondering right now why is the chapter titled matchmaking madness?  It might now have seemed like it but if it could go wrong it went wrong from the second the twins aged up.  First, they met the matchmaker and it was lagging horribly.  So I restarted the game.  It didn't help.  So I restarted the laptop.  The laptop didn't want to turn back on.  Then when it did the game wouldn't load.  Meanwhile Mae and Mia are panhandling instead of entertaining their dates, then Mia goes to bed and then (somehow I didn't get a pic) Ellie goes into labor.  Baby Bella, yes another girl, is born.  By the time I get back to the twins after the birth Mia's date is over and Mae's is almost over.  By this time I was so frustrated, all the sims energy was red and I just gave up and had them invite the dates over the next day and get pregnant.  *sigh*

Chapter ?


  1. Maybe Sara will look better as she ages? This seems like a really rough challenge!

    1. Sara got the worst genetics from both parents I swear. She does look a little better as a child. This had to be the hardest start I've ever had with a challenge, which is why I failed my first 2 attempts. But that part was fun. Having the whole second generation be fortune sims was just unnecessary torture! Where's my sim again? Oh yea... outside begging for money even though they have plenty.


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