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Monday, February 1, 2016

TS2 Apocalypse Challenge 1.2: Oh the Roaches!

Chapter 1.2: Oh the Roaches!

On one of her first days living at the bunker Alaya was playing with a stray dog and then had to leave for work.  I had forgot to lock the gate so the dog made itself at home and knocked over the trashcan and shredded a bed.  With just Alaya in the house it was fairly easy to keep her constantly busy and not spraying roaches, which is prohibited.  But now, with roaches everywhere outside I have to micro-manage their every move to keep them away from the darned roaches from hell!  Btw: The pics look different because Fraps quit working on me and I had to printscreen everything.

 Alaya gets her final body point needed to max all her skills and get a platinum aspiration meter.

With a platinum meter it is safe to take the elixir of life.  She is now only 3 days older than Brandon.  Who, by the way moved in and married Alaya.  I just don't have any of those pics!

After about 20 tries Alaya got pregnant and gave birth to a boy named Asher.  She didn't show up for work and was fired.

Asher gets this lovely cardboard box as a crib.

Asher ages up to toddler.  I made the mistake of potty training him not realizing that changing a dirty diaper is the only way to increase a toddler's hygiene. 

 Alaya gives birth to a girl named Fallon.

After hours spent watching the driveway for strays, trying to befriend them and failing finally Alaya adopts Tucker.  He already knows 2 tricks, is potty trained but is aggressive.

Alaya takes Tucker to the military base to get him a job in security.

It's already time for Asher's birthday!

Get used to that hand-washing kid.

Then Fallon ages to toddler.  That dress is so not post-apocalyptic!

Chapter 1.3: Baths and Birth Control for All!


  1. Wonder what happened with your FRAPs... that dress is definitely not post-apocalyptic

    1. I have no idea what happened to FRAPS, it just stopped taking screenshots. But I love using the OneDrive because it pops up on my screen with each shot telling me that it saved a shot for me. So despite not liking my toolbar in every shot I decided not to mess with FRAPS. Yes that dress was so prissy I hated it. I had originally planned to dress everyone really grundgy but 1. I couldn't find much in the way of clothes and 2. You can't really change their clothes without using a cheat object. So unless what they're wearing is so off the wall "I hate it" I don't cheat to change them.

  2. I'm like that too, I like to minimize cheat using and cc because it tends to mess up the game eventually if I'm not careful.

    1. *cough* Well actually I have quite a bit of cc. The cheat for changing clothes is pretty simple but it's against the heart of the challenge, which is why I try not to use it unless I really feel I must such as: in the future I marry in a guy named Benjamin who has on a sweater and goofy shorts so I got him some jeans.


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