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Sunday, January 31, 2016

TS2- Curiouser and Curiouser Part 1

Part 1

You know the story of the Curious brothers.  They live in Strangetown and when you first play the house Pascal is pregnant with an alien baby.  Well, I've never played Strangetown so I thought I'd play the Curious brothers.  First, I hated the house.  Second, I didn't like Pascal or Vidcund.  But I loved Lazlo.  Sooo I decided to make a simmy love for Lazlo and move him out of that goofy house.

Meet Sasha and her pet pug Frank.  Sasha is a paranormal investigator and has moved to Strangetown to investigate the Curious family.

After getting to know Lazlo she confesses her undying love for him...

...and asks him to marry her.

I hated the house they were in so I got this off of Mod The Sims.
You can download it here.
Now, like 2 seconds after taking this shot they ran into the house and christened the couch and made a baby... they moved fast!  I was too busy looking at the cool new house to notice until I heard the jingle!

So since I didn't want a wedding in maternity clothes they threw a wedding party and invited Pascal and Vidcund.

 Despite having no food or music the wedding ended up being a roof raiser.

Lazlo thought it would be cool if they were pregnant at the same time so he summoned some aliens.

Surprisingly that little flashlight really works!

I think he was re-thinking his decision afterwards.

But wait, shouldn't Sasha be pregnant too you ask?  Grrr.  Stupid Inteen.  The night that Lazlo got pregnant she came home from work and had a miscarriage.  Apparently you can't try for baby while the dad is pregnant so she couldn't try again.  I have since added the "no miscarriage" flavor pack.

Isn't this crib awesome.  I got tons of space-type custom content for the house.  Oh and the baby was a boy, they named him Nebula.

After days of trying for baby with Sasha, Lazlo decides it's just going to be alien babies for them after-all and signals the spaceship again.

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