Sunday, January 31, 2016

TS2 Apocalypse Challenge- 1.0: Building an Apocalypse

Chapter 1.0: Building an Apocalypse

Before my laptop took a turn for the worse I had planned to do Pinstar's new apocalypse challenge for Sims 4.  Bored with my Awesimsauce Challenge, I decided to check out his site for the Sims 2 version.  After reading most of the rules and trying to figure out how on earth I'd remember them I stumbled upon Phaenoh's version of the challenge on Mod the Sims.  I then spent over a day reading the entire forum thread.  This challenge is going to be more of an undertaking than any other challenge I've done before and I'm looking forward to going waaaay out of my comfort zone with this one!  I thought it might be helpful for others to post links to any mods or custom content that I add as I add it.  I plan to update this page as I go, if I add anything new.

 This is Terminus.  It's the first neighborhood I've ever built.  The shack way out by the edge of town is the zombie's home.  The 3 buildings together are the soup kitchen, military base and first aid station.  Obviously the other building is Alaya's fort.


Custom Content


Custom Content


Dirty jeans 
*It turns out that you can't really change their looks the way the mods are set up but I thought I'd leave these links for anyone who wanted them.*

Chapter 1.1: OMG Zombies!


  1. Looks cool, and I love apolcalpse challenges.

    1. Thanks. I tried it once in Sims 3 but it was right before Sims 4 came out and I believe that was one of the files that was corrupted when my game screwed up. I'm loving it so far.