Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Back At It

I took 10 days off of the Baby Challenge and completed 2 other challenges: the Whim Challenge and the Room Challenge.  Plus I bought and experimented with Outdoor Retreat.  Coming back to my Baby Challenge game I felt disoriented.  It took me a couple sim days to get back into the swing of things.  So here we go, here's the update on how things are going.  It may be a bit long.

First Kaci visited the Bachelor house and brought Richie home.  She was soon eating for two again.

Lea & Liam both got A's in school and moved out.

pic:  Travis ages to child.

pic:  Sarah and Travis cloudgazing on the lawn.

pic:  Wade and Sarah swimming.

Kaci completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Zoe.

Wade got an A in high school and moved out.

I hate it when the kids stop doing their homework.  Gotta watch them like a hawk!

Kaci returned to the Bachelor home and brought Ralf home with her.  She was soon pregnant again.

pic:  Sarah gets an A and ages to teen.

pic:  Zoe ages to child.  Kaci always seems to be in her pjs in these pics.

Kaci has horrible morning sickness with this pregnancy and is constantly throwing up and cleaning toilets.

Purchased Kaci the Hardly Hungry reward trait because she is always hungry!

pic:  Travis gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci gives birth to a baby boy Colin.

Kaci ages to adult.  She just spun in a circle and sparkled and it popped up that she had aged.

John Bachelor was walking by so Kaci invited him inside and of course they tried for baby and she was pregnant again.

pic:  Colin aged to child.  That's Sarah in her swimsuit watching.

After the weekend Sarah and Travis both get A's in high school and move out.

Kaci gave birth to twin boys Camron & Craig.

pic:  Zoe gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci travels next door and brings Andy Bachelor back to try for baby.  She's pregnant yet again.

pic:  Craig and Cameron age up to children.  Notice the almost identical outfits!

pic:  Colin got an A and aged to teen.

After getting sick of the kids coming home with red fun need I bought a motion gaming rig.

Kaci gives birth to a boy Brett.  Time to find the next father/victim! 

Total Children so far: 57

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