Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TS4 Room Challenge- Challenge Complete!

I have no idea how I managed to finish this challenge.  I really thought it was impossible.  I feel proud to have finished.

Star maxxed the painting skill. +10

She spent the rest of week 7 painting and writing books.  Until she finished Fabously Wealthy.  +5 Then she switched to Mansion Baron.  She finished the 1st and 2nd levels of Mansion Baron. +10

Pic:  First I put a hedge around the land for the landscaping part of the aspiration.  Then I put up windows on walls.

 pic:  I put out suits of armour to use up some of the simoleans.

pic:  I just put out the cheapest columns to complete that part of the aspiration.

pic:  Just a pic of Star and her little house.

Finished the 3rd part of Mansion Baron.  +5

Started week 8 $100,000 simoleans from goal.  That's a lot of painting!

Maxxed the comedy skill.  +10

Spent the rest of the week painting and on day 54 I completed the Mansion Baron aspiration!

Pic: Mansion Baron completed!

pic: Skills completed.

pic:  All of the traits Star got.

pic:  Star gets a gate and can now leave her house!

Last total: 184
-12 days
maxxed painting & comedy skill +20
1 level faboulously wealthy +5
4 levels mansion baron +20
Final Score: 217

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