Monday, January 26, 2015

TS4 Room Challenge- Weeks 5 & 6

This challenge sure is different than anything I have tried before.  On the Whim challenge I did a bunch of aspirations too but the goal was completely different.  At times I feel like I'm wasting my time on the aspirations and should be working on making simoleans for the end goal.  I feel like I am taking too long and don't know how I can possibly complete this challenge.  I read all the posts on the thread in the forums so I know it is possible.  I guess we'll have to see.

pic:  The creepy mailman goes to the other side of the house and stands there for hours.  I kept Star inside in case of accidental social.  He was really ticking me off!

I get -10 points for Star's social need going into the red.

+10 points Star maxxed the gardening skill.  Once maxxed I got rid of all of the plants except the tree she talks to and a couple of grape vines.

Got the Never Weary reward trait.

Completed the final level of the Bestselling Author aspiration.  +5

Chose Painter Extraordinaire as the next aspiration.  Finished the 1st level on the 1st day. +5

I made a wall on the other side of the fence to put the paintings on.  At first I was putting excellent but then she was making so many masterpieces that I started putting only masterpieces.

Finished the 2nd part of Painter aspiration.  +5  Can't go any further so I bought a dollhouse and completed the 1st parts of Successful Lineage and Big Happy Family.  +10  After that I decided to do the first level of Master Chef.

pic:  Star painting.  The wall in the picture now has 12 paintings on it, most are masterpieces.

Purchased the Frugal reward trait.

Star completed the 1st level of Master chef.  +5  Next is Renaissance Sim.

pic:  Star working on her logic skill for Renaissance Sim.

pic:  Star reading a book for her aspiration.

Completed the 1st level of Renaissance Sim. +5  Started Nerd Brain.  The 1st level was already complete.  +5

She played chess all day for almost 2 days and completed the 2nd part of Nerd Brain.  +5  Switched to Fabously Wealthy and the 1st 3 levels completed right away.  +15

Got the Antiseptic reward trait.

Week 6 was spent writing books and painting.  Star maxxed the gourmet cooking skill.  +10  Since I didn't need to cook for a skill anymore I got the Hardly Hungry reward trait.

 End of week 4: 128
-14 days
-10 social red
+20 maxxed gardening & gourmet cooking
+1 level Best Selling Author +5
+2 levels Painter Extraordinaire +10
+1 level Big Happy Family +5
+1 level Successful Lineage +5
+1 level Master Chef +5
+1 level Renaissance Sim +5
+2 levels Nerd Brain +10
+3 levels Faboulously Wealthy +15
score so far: 184

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