Monday, January 26, 2015

TS4 Room Challenge- 1st 4 Weeks

pic:  Star Rivera before entering her home/prison.  She is childish, loves the outdoors and creative.  Her 1st aspiration is Computer Whiz.

pic:  Star starts by practicing programming for her aspiration.

pic:  Star makes friends with a stuffed bear named Blarffy.  In addition to fun and social he makes her inspired.

pic:  Star swims for a bit.

Completed Computer Whiz level 1 +5 points

pic:  Star paints for awhile since she has the inspired buff.

After several tries I can't get the Computer Whiz aspiration to recognize that Star is playing video games for 2 hours while focused.  I decide to give up and switch her to Freelance Botanist.

pic:  Star starts her garden.  I decided not to use the planter box.

pic:  Since she can only tend her garden once a day I bought her a gardening book to increase her skill.  It's so cute how she reads at the edge of the pool. 

Star spends most of her days gardening and reading the gardening books.  Also she always seems to be hungry.

pic:  Star uses the microphone to up her fun and social.  The stuffed bear is only good for making her creative.

Star completes the 1st 3 levels of Freelance Botanist.  +15 points  She can't go any further because she can't grow a cowplant so it's off to the next aspiration.  I choose Bestselling Author.

Purchased the Creative Visionary reward trait.

Completed the 1st level of Bestselling Author. +5

I need to increase her handiness skill.  Replacing broken electronics is expensive.

pic:  Star works on the Woodworking table to increase handiness.

Star completes the 2nd level of Bestselling Author.  +5

Purchased the Marketable reward trait.

Spent all of week 3 working on writing and fixing the stuff that is constantly breaking in the house.

Started week 4 with completing the 3rd level of Bestselling Author. +5

Starr maxxed writing skill and cooking skill.  +20

Week 4 was spent trying to get 3 bestselling books.  I bought a better computer, tried getting her in different moods for emotional books.  I tried everything.  She ended the week with 1 bestseller.

Starting points 100
-27 days (day 1 doesn't count)
+1 level computer whiz +5
+3 levels botanist +15
+3 levels author +15
+2 skills maxxed +20
score so far 128

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