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Saturday, January 24, 2015

TS4 Outdoor Enthusiast

pic:  Meet Sienna Starr.  Here she is roasting marshmallows after arriving at the campground on the first day.

I decided to get the most out of trying out the new game pack I would have Sienna do the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.  The first steps were easy.  Then I hit a point where she needed to identify plants but wasn't high enough level in herbalism.  I bought a book at the rangers station and she read until she was high enough to identify the plants.  It was really boring.

pic:  Once she identified the plants she could mix remidies. 

She did meet the hermit but I forgot to take a screenshot.  By the time her 7 day vacation was over she had completed 2 parts of the aspiration.

pic:  When she got home she set up a garden with all of the herbs she had identified and a grill to mix remedies on.  I also got her the next 2 levels of herbalism books and she read a lot.  She ran out of ingredients for her mixtures and it was time to go on vacation again.  This time I brought along her boyfriend.

pic:  Since there were 2 of them I got the smallest cabin then realized that Sienna had to sleep in a tent for 5 nights for her aspiration.  Sienna spent all her time gathering insects and really I have no clue what Tristin did.  Finally she had ingredients again and made mixtures until she maxxed her herbalism skill.

pic:  There are some new interactions in the game pack this one is called "cloudgaze".  Tristin has the new trait squeemish and had a bad moodlet after cleaning up icky plates that had been laying around.  Also his vacation time ran out for his job and I had to send him home.

pic:  Sienna had 3 days before aging to adult when she achieved her aspiration.  All in all I found this aspiration very boring.  It reminded me of World of Warcraft when you have to craft something over and over again to increase your skill.  I have no idea what to do with the concoctions she made.  I only saw a few that would be helpful.  One is like a fertility treatment.

As far as the game pack goes.... I like the new clothes, hairstyles and items.  I can't see myself taking many of my sims on vacation.  I'm disappointed and glad it was only $20.  Mainly I want to use the camping stuff for another Runaway Teen Challenge.  As far as Tristin and Sienna go, I don't know if I'll play them again. 

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