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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TS4 Baby Challenge- Outdoor Retreat

Since it's Saturday Kaci decides to take the kids on a short vacation.

pic: Arriving at the cabin.

Kaci met Clyde Babcock on vacation and seduced him.  She is pregnant again.

pic: Kaci roasts marshmallows.

pic:  Kaci tells stories by the fire.

pic: Playing horseshoes with the twins.

pic: All the family tries out horseshoes.

pic:  Brett ages to child.

Colin and Zoe get A's after the weekend.  Colin moves out but Zoe stays because she's the only girl.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Bria.  Zoe moves out.

Kaci gets preggo by Eric Bachelor.

pic: Camron & Craig get A's and age up to teens.  Both have mohawks.  I try something new out and have them take a vacation day from school to get their skill to 3.  It works great and I plan to do so with the rest of the teens.

pic:  Bria ages to child.

Kaci got the Never Weary reward trait.

pic:  Brett got an A in school and aged to teen.

Kaci gave birth to a boy Kevin.

The family went on vacation again since it was the weekend.  Camron & Craig get homesick the moment they arrive.  They didn't have much fun this time.

pic: Everyone eating at the cabin.

After searching the gallery for men I ended up making my own  household of 8 men and sticking them next door.  Kaci visits and brings home Brayden Foley and was pregnant again.

 pic:  Kevin ages to child

Camron & Craig get A's in school and move out.

pic:  Bria gets an A and ages to teen.

Kaci gives birth to a boy Cliff.

Kaci brings home Byron Foley and is pregnant again.

pic:  Kevin gets an A and ages to teen.

pic:  Cliff ages to child.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Isis.

Kaci visits next door and is pregnant by Jeff Foley.

Bria got an A and moved out.

pic:  Isis ages to child.

Kevin gets an A in school and moves out.

Kaci gives birth to a girl Lara.

Kaci visits Ben Foley and is pregnant again.

pic: Cliff gets an A and ages to teen.

Baby total: 62

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