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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- And Then There Were Two

It's been difficult having 4 sims to try to keep busy and yet once there were two it seemed like not enough.  RIP Jax and Skyla you were a great couple.

I ended up sticking one of each of the insects into the museum so that Jasmine can get on with her herbalism.

I transfered all of the crystals, fossils and elements from Jax to Jade because I got a notification that his time is coming soon.

pic:  There was another fire!  I'm tellin' ya those fire pits are dangerous.

pic:  Jax had just been playing with the cowplant when he dropped down and passed away from old age.

pic:  Grim comes for Jax

pic:  Grim stays to play with the cowplant.

The days go by with Skyla gardening; Jade collecting, fishing and working on her handiness skill and Jasmine gardening and working on herbalism.

pic:  Skyla passes away.  The girls completely ignore Skyla's death and Grim.

Now that Skyla is gone the garden takes all of Jasmine's time.  She can't work on her herbalism.

Jasmine goes on vacation alone to work on her herbalism a few days later.

pic:  Jasmine brews herbal remedies until her skill gets to 8.

Jasmine finds the last plant she was missing and identifies the 3 she couldn't before level 8.  Now she can plant them when she gets home.  Now to search for insects.

pic:  It's hard to see unless you enlarge it but she found walking sticks.

pic:  Jasmine found dust spirits.

pic:  Jasmine talking to some guy in a bear suit.  She got all kinds of bad moodlets from him.

In 3 days Jasmine got as far in herbalism as I needed for her to identify and plant all the plants, found a crystal they needed and 9 insects they needed.  I'm switching her to the gardening aspiration.

I got Jade and Jasmine the Hardly Hungry trait.  I'm still not sure if I shouldn't have gotten the one that makes them sleep less instead.

Jade completed the fossils collection!

At this point they only need one or two for each of the collections left except the fishing I think they need four.  Some of the plants in the garden are perfect quality.  The confusion is how I'm going to get the simoleans for a house worth 350,000.  They barely have any simoleans.

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