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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- 2 Collections Complete

All in all this is a difficult challenge.  The gardening itself takes all day.  I've now completed the frogs collection and the my sims trophy collection.  I have an updated shot of my museum later in the post.  The bills have become astronomical.  I sold as much as I could from their inventories hoping it would help.  Sorry there's not many pics in this post, I guess I got so into playing I didn't think to take many.

I purchase steel bladder and antiseptic for Jax since he spends most of his time fishing.  It turns out very helpful.

pic:  Jax becomes an elder.

The girls have 4 vacation days from school so they go on vacation for 4 days. Every day the principal called.  It was really annoying.  Jasmine collected plants and insects while the rest of them fished.  Jax did find a couple of dig spots but not many.

pic:  Jasmine meets the hermit.  Hopefully this meeting will count for later in her aspiration.

pic:  I couldn't figure out why Skyla stopped fishing then she turned in a shower of sparkles and became an elder.  Sorry the pic is so dark, it was nighttime.

Jax completed the my sims trophy collection.

pic:  My museum so far.  I have the fish written down on a piece of paper so I don't have to carry them anymore.  I still need I think 4 of them.

The twins age to young adult.

As I said in my last post 4's a crowd.  It's hard doing anything.  I'm trying to increase Jade's handiness so she can fish Forgotten Grotto but it's slow going.  Jasmine's herbalism is going even slower.  I can't make any brews for fear it will use one of the insects needed for the collection so all she can do is read the book, which she reads a few minutes then puts down.  I got a notice that it's almost Jax's time so I guess I won't have to worry much longer.  :(

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