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Monday, February 9, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Fours a Crowd

Luckily the girls are still in school but when they're not in school they're just a pain in the butt.  When I had them try for baby I was thinking of another sim that could help them, not how hard it would be to control 4 sims.  All of which try to grill things they aren't supposed to grill or eat the cake from the cowplant.  I have to keep a constant watch on their hunger and have Skyla or Jax cook something quick if anyone is low.  It's a total waste because the meals are for 8 and I have no refrigerator.  The only luxury I have is the outhouse.  But enough of my rant here's my update!

I realize that children can "play in tent".  It doesn't up their fun much but it's pretty cool.

There's a new rule that if you have 25 plants you can buy seed packets to get spinach.  I have 20.

Skyla aged up to adult.

pic:  All of the sudden none of the family would sleep in the tents.  They would go in and come right back out.  They kept trying to sleep on the nearby parkbench.  Finally out of desperation I bought air mattresses.

Skyla makes a trip into the tree to Sylvan Glade because I think there are cherry trees there I was right so brought Jax there and they fished until it was ready for a cutting.  They caught 3 fish that they didn't have in their collection and a couple pomegranates. 

pic:  Over the weekend Jax takes the girls fishing.

Jax maxxed his fishing skill.

Jax completed his Curator aspiration.

Both Jax then Skyla ate the cake from the cowplant.  They lived but had a terrible 2 day moodlet.  I feed that cowplant constantly but still it has it's cake out soon after feeding.

I got Skyla the Never Weary trait because the garden takes all day.  After I got it I remembered there's a gardening trait at the bottom that might have been more help.  Oh well, too late.

Skyla completed the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

I finally have 25 plants and get the seed packet for spinach.

pic:  Jasmine and Jade aged to teens.

Jade took the fishing aspiration and Jasmine took the herbalism one.

The cowplant is a nuisance.  Both Jade and Jasmine have eaten it's cake.  Each time I worry one of my sims will die.

pic:  Jade is working on her handiness skill while Jasmine reads a book on herbalism.  I haven't bothered with homework this challenge.

pic:  The campfire set fire to Jax's chair!

pic:  Jax got scorched.  Skyla put out the fire so had a confident moodlet.  The rest of them had day long tense moodlets.

That's about it.  It's a constant struggle to keep all 4 sims happy.  Jax collects around the neighborhood then fishes, Skyla gardens non-stop and the girls work on their skills if they are in a good enough mood.  It's almost time for Jax and Skyla to age to elder, I can't believe it. 

The garden needs all of the herbalism plants, which Jasmine will provide, the death flower and the ufo plant.  I think I have everything else.

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