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Saturday, February 14, 2015

TS4 Nomad Challenge- Collections Complete!

If you remember Jade and Jasmine passed away.  The kids take vacation days from school so they can take care of the garden.  When their vacation days run out they all just skip school.  Finally 6 days after their mothers passed away they age up to young adult.

Brett spends his time on space missions while Dante gathers the local collectables and helps his sister in the garden.

I finally give in and buy a fridge.  They waste so much food it seemed worth it even if it doesn't go with the campy theme of the challenge.

Danielle keeps mourning at the gravestones so finally it aggravates me so much I put them in the inventory.

Although it's not part of the challenge so it's not going into the museum but still of note, Brett completes the alien collection.

pic:  After around 15 sim days of constant missions Brett finally gets the U.F.O. plant completing the garden collection!

pic:  Dante completed the crystals collection!

pic:  They all take a break to fish.

All of the collections are complete.  The museum is finished.  Now to get all of the plants to perfect and get a house worth $350,000.  Currently they have just under $200,000.  I'm thinking it's going to be very boring trying to raise the money.  I need to find some way to spice things up.  Sorry this was surch a short post but it was really boring and there wasn't much to report until the alien plant and then the crystal was found.

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