Saturday, August 9, 2014

TS3- Baby Challege 1.4: Who are You Again?

Ok so I'm up to 12 children and more on the way.  Since finding a man is so hard and I don't see that as the challenge... the challenge is getting these kids brought up right.  I used Jacen Mann for 5 times.  I was thinking 5 each then clean slate and start over.  At this point I can't keep track of who is who!  So since my last post we've had Devin, Lena, Chloe, Ryan, Isaac and Ivan.  Ethan, Jordyn Celestia, Bryan, Daisy and Dylan have all moved out.  Here are some pics to entertain you.

The house we were living in was causing extreme lag so I ended up building a house.  This is the biggest house I've ever built.  It is an open plan with a girls room, boys room, 4 bathrooms, a pool and a garage.

 Mom chatting with Celestia.  Check out that maternity outfit sheesh.  Boy was I glad to get Celestia out of the house.  She had the unstable trait and kept needing to be checked into the hospital.

Jordyn tutoring Dylan.

Mom watching kids tv trying to get twins while Devon watches too.

Daisy and Dylan upping their logic so they can tutor the youngsters when they age up.

Mom holding Lena and look she's pregnant again!

I thought I'd try to get a pic of all of the kids together.  This is Devin, Lena, Chloe and Ryan doing homework together.

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