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Friday, August 22, 2014

Apocalypse Challenge week 9

With one day left in the floating 10 day age freeze Calvin cleared Education.  Now Sierra has been a pain in the butt since the kids have aged up to children.  All she wanted to do was get on the computer which is restricted and not allowed.  It actually broke and I never had her fix it because it solved the problem.  I had her spend her last days filling up the fridge.  Once Calvin cleared Education and I turned aging back on he was about to age to elder.  He had no athletic so would have had to quit the job anyway so I led Sierra and Calvin to the bottom basement via a ladder and then put the ladder back where it goes.  Calvin turned elder just as Sierra toppled over and died of starvation.  He died 5 hours later.  This may seem cruel but I had a couple good reasons.  One, elders are uncontrolable.  Two, you can't move tombstones.  Their tombstones are side by side because Calvin was morning Sierra when he died.  

Since they died they have haunted several times.  They keep waking up the kids and eating food out of the fridge.  It's extremely annoying.  As you'll see in the pics the basement level was where I was putting all of the dirty clothes piles.  I found out later while reading the Apocalypse Challenge website that you can delete these as they are $0.  *sigh*  

Shortly after their deaths Brian, the heir, aged up.  He got medical.  Which is good I guess, no more smelly sims once he clears that.  I hate the books they have to read every day.  At that point I was frustrated with 4 teenagers and one adult and decided to take a break from this challenge.

Sierra and Calvin in their death cave.
 Sierra dies just as Calvin is celebrating his birthday.

 Grim stays to chat with Calvin for a bit.

It was so funny the kids all just plopped down in the snow and started doing their homework.

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