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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revisiting World of Warcraft

If you didn't already know World of Warcraft or WoW as most people call it has what they call a "starter edition" for free.  It allows you to play to level 20 without time restrictions.  Now, I played WoW years ago.  I was totally addicted to it.  I've heard that it has changed a lot.  So, bored from playing TS3 I decided to download and play for a bit.  I made a horde bloodelf hunter named Faelini.  What I thought was funny in the first few minutes I saw like 5 others in the starting area that looked just like me.  So much for originality.  It took me around an hour to get to level 5 and finish Sunstrider Isle.  I made my way to the closest town via quest and parked myself at the inn.  I'm not sure if I'll play again but it entertained me for a bit.  WoW is coming out with a new expansion pack soon called Warlords of Draenor.  From internet searches it looks like it is coming out November 13th.  The coolest feature I noticed in my short search was player housing.  Now that's cool.  My son will be getting this game and I just might have to beg off a character slot from him!  Stay tuned for whether I decide to play more free WoW or what other games I decide to play.

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