Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Births, Deaths and All That Good Stuff

Whenever I write these posts I always feel like so much has happened since the last post!  It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it was just yesterday when Isabel and Dane were married and had baby Duncan.  It was only a day or two before that when I was trying to kill Aiden.  To me it seems like so long ago.  When I'm playing this family for hours on end I get so immersed in the drama that is their daily life that I lose track of time.  I'm on the 7th generation now!  I already have plans starting to formulate in my head of other challenges that I'd like to try.  I love challenges.  But enough of my reminiscing.  Here is your update:
  • Aaron threw another dinner party and got a silver metal.  He needs to cook 5 gourmet meals at an event to complete his aspiration.  He didn't manage it this time.
  • During the party it popped up that it's Erica's birthday, I completely forgot, so Aaron baked a birthday cake too.  She's now an elder.  
  • Aiden and Aaron become elders.  Aaron threw a birthday party but still couldn't get his aspiration.  He only got a bronze for the party too.
  • I moved Hannah out into a house with another sim.  There's no way I can complete her Public Enemy aspiration since she needs to be hated by neighbors and we have none.  There was no space for her knowing there would be kids coming taking over.
  • While I was moving Hannah I checked the households not in world and there was only 1.  I really lucked out the day I checked and found Dane!
  • Duncan ages up to child.  His trait is creative and his aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.  He finished the 1st part of his aspiration right away.
  • I had to have Isabel be mean to her sister Hannah so that they wouldn't be best friends anymore.  Dane needs to be best friends for his aspiration and apparently you can only have 1!
  • Aiden dies from overexertion.  He kept going on the treadmill even though he is elderly and I decided to have him and Erica take a whoohoo in the rocket.  I guess he couldn't take it.  LOL
  • Everyone but Erica, Aiden's wife, mourn him.
  • Isabel completed the 2nd part of her aspiration.  The 3rd requires her to adopt a child.
  • Isabel gives birth to a girl named Annabeth.
  • Isabel adopted a boy (I rolled boy) he loves the outdoors and is a Social Butterfly.  His name is Hayes.
  • Adopting Hayes completed the 3rd part of Isabel's aspiration.  The last part requires her to be a grandmother so that won't be completed soon.
  • Hayes and Duncan went to the park and Hayes completed the first part of his aspiration.
  • On a side note the other kids that were playing on the playground were the other children shown up for adoption.  That was weird.
  • Isabel took up painting in her spare time for some extra cash.
  • Annabeth never cried.  I think she was bugged.  At first I forgot to feed her until I got a warning that she was hungry.  She had only 1 dirty diaper the whole time she was an infant.  When she aged up she had a full green bar but was showing hungry moodlets.  She was also invisible, again!  
  • Anabeth ages to child, her trait is outgoing and her aspiration is Artistic Prodigy.
  • Bills $3,930.
  • Aaron threw another party and finally completed his Master Chef aspiration!  He earned a silver for the house party.
 Erica as an elder.

 Isabel finding out she's pregant again.

 Pregnant Isabel holding baby Duncan.

 Aiden as an elder.

Aaron as an elder.
 Duncan right after he popped out of the bassinet.

 Isabel reading to Duncan for her aspiration.

 Poor Aiden, just didn't know when to leave the rocketship alone.

This is Hayes after Isabel brought him home.

I just realized I didn't take a picture of Annabeth yet!  She was so bugged when she aged up I forgot!

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