Monday, September 22, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- The Heir is Named and Generation 7 is Born

So much has happened since my last post.  I've given up on trying to kill Heath for now.  He's like level 9 rocket science so there's no way to kill him off with the rocket.  I did try to get him overly playful and die that way but after a sim day I couldn't get him past very playful and gave up.  With a score of 6 to 2 Isabel is named heir for generation 6.  With that I give you your updates!
  • There were actually townies in the unplayed households when I checked.  One in particular was really cute so I added a brother to him and plopped them into a house so that he wouldn't disappear.  (I added the brother because spouses can't bring in any simoleans)
  • Isabel aged to young adult which finished the 1st level of her aspiration.  The next part requires her to have a baby so I had to get rolling on that right away!  Her adult trait is geek.
  • Isabel went from a skinny twig to overweight when she changed ages.
  • Isabel stops by the cute guys house and introduces herself on her birthday and then invites him over the next day.  His name is Dane Hale btw.  They built up their friendship quick and she asked him to move in.  With the problems I've been having we aren't being picky!
  • Dane's traits are outgoing, ambitious and bro.  His aspiration is Soulmate.  Looks like they have some dates to do!
  • On a side note after moving Dane in Isabel became skinny again.
  • Dane and Isabel went on their first date and got a gold.
  • I had them try for baby after the date and Isabel got a positive test the next morning.  We aren't wasting no time!
  • Their 2nd date got another gold.
  • Bills $3,957.
  • Hannah aged to young adult.  Her last trait is clumsy.
  • Dane & Isabel got married.  1st she had to pee when they were about to get married, then she fell asleep after the ceremony.  Prego weddings not a good idea in the future.  It really made me laugh though.
  • Erica quit the tech guru career and joined the secret agent career.  I don't think she'll have time to finish this aspiration, she will be an elder soon.
  • Isabel had a baby boy named Duncan.
 Heath boarding the rocketship.

Before Dane moved in.
 After Dane moved in. Look how skinny she got!

1st kiss.
 1st date.

 2nd date.  Notice Isabel rubbing her belly? So cute.

Somehow the pics got out of order. This is Isabel finding out she's prego.
  She feels sick right away, lol.

 Dane proposes.

 Whew let's have this wedding before the baby comes!

Confetti time!
 So sweet.

 ...and Isabel falls asleep.

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