Sunday, September 21, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Just Die Already!

Life with the Marx family has gotten quite boring and routine.  What I wanted was a good death to spice things up.  I got one but not the one I wanted.  At this point I am just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the girls to age up to young adults.  I have been looking on the gallery for spouses for the heir whichever it ends up being but don't really like the look of any of the guys.  There are all these pretty girl sims but the guy sims are quite lacking.  You'll have to wait for my next update to find out what happens with that.  Now on to what's been going on in the Marx household!
  • I forgot Aiden was a loner when I gave him the Party Animal ambition.  I managed to finish the 1st level but I doubt I'll get any further.  Especially with the problem I am having with the town being empty and all.
  • Erica aged up to adult.
  • Isabel pestered Hannah non-stop until they were best friends completing the 2nd level in her 2nd aspiration.
  • Aiden & Aaron aged to adult.
  • Aiden upgraded everything in the house.
  • Isabel spends her time improving her piano skill while Hannah works on her aspiration.
  • Isabel ages up to teen.  Her trait is neat and her aspiration is Big Happy family which she has to be an adult to work on.  Hannah might just win this competition because of that.
  • I don't know what to do with Aiden now that he has gotten level 10 in handiness and upgraded everything.
  • Erica quit the writing career and joined the entertainer career.
  • Bills $3,830.
  • Hannah aged to teen without completing her aspiration.  Her trait is gloomy and her aspiration is Public Enemy.  O.o
  • The current score is Isabel 5 Hannah 2.
  • Erica got level 4 in the Entertainer career completing the 3rd part of her aspiration.  She's now starting as a tech guru.
  • Heath passed away of old age.  Aaron tried to plead for him but Grim wasn't having none of that.  It was very sad.
  • I had Aiden build a rocketship because I heard that it kills sims that don't have any skills.  So far it hasn't worked.
  • Bills $3,960.

 Isabel right after aging up.  That outfit looks terrible.

 Isabel after I made her over.  She looks nothing like this now.  
She has the active trait and lives on the treadmill so she's a stringbean.

 Hannah trying to get her mental up for her aspiration.

 Hannah right after she aged up.  I didn't make her over she looks pretty good.

 Poor Heath passes away.

 Aiden crashes the rocket ship!

                                          ...and walks away from the wreckage with a smile.

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