Saturday, September 20, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Through the Secret Door & More!

Now that the family is finally done mourning Alex's death we can get some work done.  Yep there are aspirations to work on and skills to build up.  And yet again I get an invisible kid.  I hope this isn't a pattern.  I had to send her to the park with red motives and back home just to make her visible!  Ugh.  I decided to leave her name as Hannah instead of using cheats to change it because I've heard that using the cheats can mess things up.  I don't want more bugs!  But anyway, with that I give you your review:
  • Isabel finishes level 1 of her aspiration, Aiden finishes level 2 of his and Aaron finishes level 3 of his all in one day!
  • Hannah aged up.  Her trait is self-assured and her aspiration is whiz kid.  She's my first whiz kid.
  • Isabel completed the 2nd level of her aspiration.
  • For the first time in this legacy I took advantage of the youth potion rule.  A single sim is allowed to use the youth potion once.  Heath was a little over halfway on elder status so I had him take one.  The major reason behind that is that he is the only one really making any simoleans in the house!  I figure it gave him like 25 more days but I could be wrong.
  • So far whiz kid is a hard aspiration to work on.  I have no idea how long Hannah has to play a chess game for it to count but she got 2 points in mental the first time and it didn't end up counting.
  • Erica reached lvl 2 in her 3rd career completing the 2nd level of her Renaissance Sim aspiration.  This is a hard one I tell ya.
  • Hannah finally finished the 1st level of her aspiration.
  • Bills $4,049
  • Isabel completed her aspiration and I chose social butterfly as her 2nd so she can meet some kids her age.
  • Aiden finally completed The Curator aspiration.  It's my fault, I kept forgetting to breed the darn frogs.  I had no idea what to chose next so I went for Party Animal.  I doubt he'll get far.
  • Isabel finished the 1st level of her 2nd aspiration easily but when I looked at her friends list to decide which kid to make her bff for the 2nd part they were all gone!  I am really hating this.  The game generates people to be at the park and stuff and then they dissapear.  It seems I'll have to add households of kids just to be my kids friends from now on which is stupid.
  • Aiden got to level 10 in handiness!  Yay!
  • The next day I sent Aiden to the Oasis Springs park to break open the door to the secret area.  I think it's called forgotten grotto but I'm not sure.  
I had to move baby Hannah out of the bedroom so that Isabel could sleep.
 Aiden hard at work trying to get to level 10 handiness.

 I love how the sims all congregate together.
Aaron was sitting there reading and Aiden and Isabel decided to join him.

 Yay I can see Hannah!

 Heath drinks the life potion.  
I was hoping there would be sparks or something exciting but no, he just drank it and that was it.

 Grandpa gets suckered into many chess games.

 Isabel trying to get her 10 hours of instrument playing.

 Hannah's face is so funny in this picture.

 Aiden breaks through the hidden door!

 It was really pretty inside but he needed to eat I should have checked before he left.

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