Friday, September 19, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- And the Legacy Continues!

Yep that's right generation 6 has been born.  Only 4 generations to go.  My computer has been buggy today.  It's turned off on me a couple of times.  Then when Isabel aged up she was invisible so I had to quit and restart the game.  Sometimes I feel like we are the beta-testers for all of the bugs in this game.  There has only been one patch since it came out which considering all of the problems people are reporting on the forums is surprising.  My biggest pet peeve is the giant muscles from digging up fossils.  I hate it.  But that's enough of my complaining.  You want to know what's happened so since my last update!
  • Erica finished the 1st part of her aspiration.  Her 2nd part is really hard and gets harder.  I'm not sure if one sim can complete this aspiration in one lifetime!
  • Aaron hosted a dinner party and got a gold medal completing the 2nd part of his Master Chef aspiration.
  • Erica finished her first days in both the criminal and painting careers now it's time for cooking.  This aspiration is crazy!
  • Erica and Aiden have a baby girl named Isabel.
  • Heath ages up to elder.
  • Erica and Aiden are pregnant with baby #2!
  • Isabel ages to child.  Her trait is active and her childhood aspiration is artistic prodigy.
  • Alex passes away the same day that Isabel ages up.
  • Isabel can't work on her aspiration (which requires her to be inspired) because she is too sad from witnessing the death of Alex.
  • Bills $4,016.
  • Erica and Aiden have another girl.  I named her Hannah and then when I was adding her to the family tree realized that we already had a Hannah!  Opps. 
 Erica holding baby Isabel.

 Isabel working on her aspiration.

 Alex passes away.  For once not in the bedroom!

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