Thursday, September 18, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy- Aiden Gets Hitched!

Yay so from the title you know that the twins are finally not teenagers anymore.  I swear that took forever!  I didn't blog yesterday because not much of anything really happened and it would have been super short.  So this way you get a nice long post instead.  There have been some changes to the legacy challenge rules.  We can now download families from the gallery and add them to our game.  The reason for this is because those of us that have played for awhile have noticed our towns have turned into ghost towns.  It's a little hard to find spouses or friends when there is nobody around.  Plus the ones that I have seen keep dissapearing!  I think this is a major bug that needs to be fixed.  Without story progression making babies we need to know that the town will still populate itself.  It was working before, not sure why it's changed.  Mabye because I've played so long with the same family?  Who knows!  But enough of that here is the review of things that have happened since my last post:
  • I downloaded a couple of families from the gallery so that Heath can make friends for his job.  One of them already dissapeared.  I had to put them back in.
  • Heath spent 2 days making friends with the new people.
  • Alex became an elder.
  • Bills $4061 ouch!
  • Heath reached the max level of the secret agent career.
  • Alex reached the max level of the tech guru career and got a cool gaming mat.
  • The twins age up to young adult.  Aiden got the active trait and Aaron got the loner trait.
  • It was time to find Aiden a spouse so I checked #LegacyLoves and found a housefull of redheads.  I have had nothing but black hair since the beginning of the legacy.  The founder was a redhead so I picked that household to choose from.
  • Aiden met all the girls and learned some traits the first day.  The next day he invited them over individually to learn more traits.  The spouses traits are important because the generator takes them into account when giving the kids traits.
  • I picked Erica Glass for Aiden.  She is really pretty and her traits are genius, music lover and self-assured.  Her aspiration is Renaissance Sim.
  • Alex completed the Computer Whiz aspiration.  She got this cool computer interaction that makes a ton of money.  Too bad she's going to die soon.
  • Bills $4165.  I was afraid the gaming rig would make them go up more than that.
  • Heath and Erica have an actual wedding.  I downloaded a venue from the gallery.  They got a gold reward which counts as 3 points.
  • Erica got pregnant the next day on the second try.
 Aiden looking for frogs for his aspiration.

 Aaron enjoying the first meal he didn't burn.

 Alex eating her birthday cake after turning elder.

 Aiden leveling up handiness on the new woodworking table.

 This is where I am storing the potions of youth.  I lost 11 of them not realizing that they don't go into family inventory when a sim dies.

 Aiden playing on the new motion gaming mat!

 Aiden and Aaron just aged up to young adults.

 Aiden and Erica's first kiss!

 Aiden proposes to Erica.

Erica plays chess while Aiden woodworks and they chat the whole time.
Wedding day!
 Aiden checks out his new ring.

 Aiden shares the first piece of cake with his bride.

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