Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy Just Another Day in Legacy Land

The legacy is starting to get boring at this point.  I've even started looking for other challenges that I can try but it doesn't seem like anyone has made one yet.  You'll figure out why it has gotten boring once you read my review of yesterday's play.  Although I spent more time on the forums yesterday than anything.  After reading horror stories of people losing their games I've started using 3 different save files and rotating through them.  I was already saving to the external every couple of days.  I plan to do that more often.  Right now I have like 8 more days of teenage-hood of the boys before I can do much of anything.  *yawn*  So here it is, what you've been waiting for...
  • Aiden finished the 1st and 2nd parts of his 2nd aspiration.
  • Giovanni passes on of old age.  They all seem to die in that bedroom.  Nobody mourns.
  • Willow maxxed the mischief skill.
  • Willow dies of old age too.  I am so mad, she was about to complete the last level in the criminal career!  Heath & the boys mourn.  She dies in the same darn bedroom.
  • Later I remembered that I could have someone beg grim to spare her which gives her a couple more days.  Darnit!
  • I got the frugal reward for Heath so that the bills don't go up.
  • Aiden completed his 2nd aspiration but had no time to start a 3rd before his birthday.
  • Heath ages to adult.
  • The twins age up to teens.
  • Aaron is mean and got the Master Chef aspiration.
  • Aiden is a loner and got The Curator aspiration.  <---kinda boring since that's what his Dad had.
  • With a score of 7 to 2 entering their teen years I think it's clear that Aiden will be the heir.
  • Alex completed the 3rd part of her computer whiz aspiration.  The 4th part is really hard so I don't know if she'll make it.
  • Aaron caught on fire his first time trying to cook something other than salad.  At least I know that the sprinklers work.  His Dad had to extinguish him.  
  • Both the stove and fridge needed replaced after the fire and all I got was $397 for damages!
  • Bills $3,162.
  • Heath needs 8 friends for work to complete his job.  He only has 3, his family.  I checked the unplayed households and discovered that there are hardly any.  This was a huge blow considering that Aiden needs to find a spouse soon.

After discovering how few households there were I contacted Pinstar (the creator of the challenge) on Twitter.  I believe that he will be coming out with a new rule today that we can download townies from the gallery to re-populate our towns.  I am very happy about this change.

 Grim taking Giovanni.

Grim taking Willow while Dad and the boys cry.  
I've noticed they only mourn if they see the death.
 Grim stands by while the boys "cry it out".

 Aiden & Aaron on the monkey bars.  I thought this was cute.

 Aaron & Aiden doing homework.  I will try to get a better pic of them.

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