Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy... It's Twins!

Yep you read the title right.  Little Alex gave birth to twins.  She wasn't even very big during her pregnancy so the people I have read saying their sim was bigger with twins are wrong.  She didn't even have a belly in her first trimester.  Oh and did I mention it's twin boys?!  So yea, another male heir.  The competition is close between the two but I think I already know who is going to win.  Though I thought Daisy was going to win in the last generation so we'll have to see.  Here is a review and some pics for you...
  • Alex gets pregnant on the 1st try. <---see fertile family
  • I worked on Giovanni and Willow's relationship some so that they weren't "just friends" anymore.
  • Giovanni completed the Joke Star aspiration.  I chose Best Selling Author for his 2nd because I didn't know what else to pick.
  • Willow and Giovanni became elders.
  • Alex has baby boy twins.  Aiden and Aaron!
  • Taking care of twins with 5 adults in the house is much easier.
  • Aiden ages up, his trait is goofball and his aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp.
  • Aaron ages up too, his trait is music lover and his aspiration is Social Butterfly.
  • I had to edit both of their outfits right away they were horrible!
  • Aaron and Aiden both finish the 1st part of their aspiration the 1st day.
  • Alex ages to adult.
  • Willow completed the Successful Lineage aspiration when Heath got a promotion.
  • Both Aaron and Aiden complete the 2nd part of their aspirations.  The competition is tied but Aaron has social butterfly and there's no way I can manage to get him 5 child friends and 3 adult friends, I've tried with previous generations.
  • Daisy completed the Freelance Botanist aspiration and got a gardening skill of 10.
  • I married Daisy and Rez and moved her with him.  She still visits and calls a lot.
  • Giovanni reached the max level of the entertainer career.
  • Bills $3111 with frugal reward.  Mabye I shouldn't have bought that 3rd computer!
  • Aiden completed his Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and chose Creativity for his 2nd.
 Willow as an elder.

 Giovanni as an elder.

 Grandpa and Daddy taking care of the twins.

Dad eating breakfast with the twins.
 Daisy and Rez get married.

Since the potions of youth dissapear when a sim dies I have made a shelving system in a hallway for them!

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