Sunday, September 14, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy Our First Male Heir!

Whew.  Picking merit as a succession rule was insane of me!  It is so difficult.  I have the kids working their butts off competing to see who will be the heir.  As you can tell by the title Heath is our new heir.  It was crazy because I thought it was going to be Daisy up until he finished 2 aspiration parts in a row and blew her outta the water.  It kinda sucked because I had a guy already for Daisy but hadn't found any girls for Heath.  I swear the game only generates little boys to play at the park!  So with that big news let me do a review.
  • Heath got so close to finishing his 2nd childhood aspiration but didn't make it.  His teen trait is loner.  His aspiration is The Curator.  It completed the 1st part: collect 10 different collectables as soon as he aged up.  There is a lot to gather around the house and at the park so he had no problem with this aspiration.
  • I have to keep Willow and Giovanni in separate rooms when they are both home because she keeps picking fights with him.  They are now down to just friends status.
  • Daisy completed the 2nd part of her aspiration.  She had her 1st kiss with Rez the same day.
  • Heath completed the 2nd part of his aspiration.  I had him meet a couple girls but they are all older than him.  I wish there was a way to tell age in this game.
  • Rez Grove has aged up.  He was at the bar when Willow was.
  • Bills $2,916.
  • Daisy invited Rez over.  His last trait is childish.  
  • The competition is close between Daisy and Heath.
  • Giovanni completed the 3rd part of his Joke Star aspiration and maxxed the comedy skill.
  • Heath completes the 3rd and 4th parts of his aspiration the same day that Daisy ages up to young adult making him the heir.  Daisy had a score of 8 and Heath had a score of 9.  I chose Fabulously Wealthy for his 2nd aspiration.
  • Daisy's 3rd trait is cheerful.
  • Took Heath around town to meet girls every day after school.
  • Girls that Heath has met keep disappearing from his friends list the next day!  Bug?
  • Heath ages up.  His 3rd trait is ambitious.  He joined the Secret Agent career.  It started him at level 3, not sure why.  
  • I had him invite over Alex the only girl that had decent traits that he met and he made her his girlfriend.
  • Bills $2,871.
  • Heath and Alex eloped.  I just have no urge to do a wedding party.
  • Alex's traits: geek, neat and goofball.  Her aspiration Computer Whiz.  She brought in $0.
  • Alex is 8 days from adult so she is older than Heath but I knew that was going to happen.  I got her a job in the Tech Guru career.
  • Daisy completed the 3rd part of her aspiration.  I'm going to at least keep her around until she finishes her aspiration and maxxes gardening.  I might get her a Rez married and have a baby first and then move them out.  I'm still trying to decide.

 I thought this was a cute pic of Giovanni doing comedy with Willow watching.

 Heath as a teen.

Daisy and Rez's first kiss.

 Heath and Alex's first kiss.  The doorway is popular, lol.

Heath proposing to Alex.  They got married right away.

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