Saturday, September 13, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy... This is Gonna Be a Long One!

I have no idea where to start because I have been playing non-stop for almost the entire day.  So much has happened I have 4 pages of notes.  We left off with Willow being named the heir.  A lot has happened since then!  Looking back on the notes I can't believe it's only been one day since I posted.  So without further ado I will just list everything that has happened and post the pics I took along the way at the end like I usually do.
  • Hannah becomes an elder.
  • Willow has her baby.  I named her Daisy because I thought it was a cheerful/goofball type of name.
  • She got pregnant with baby #2 right away.
  • Ash and Olive aged up to young adults and moved out.
  • Giovanni finished the 2nd part of his aspiration.
  • Daisy aged up to child.  I decided that this time I will roll each time they age up.  She rolled neat and rambunctious scamp.  She completed the first part of her aspiration right away.
  • Willow gives birth to a boy!  Sticking with the flower type names I named him Heath.
  • Corey becomes an elder.
  • Daisy got a B her first day of school since she had the weekend to work on skills.
  • Bills $2,474.
  • Hannah quit her job so she can work on her aspiration.  (this was a huge mistake she drove me nuts every time she lost a match and she couldn't livestream anymore)
  • Heath aged up to child.  He got the good trait and rambunctious scamp like his sister.
  • Willow completed the 2nd part of her aspiration.
  • Willow joined the criminal career.  I'm enjoying the mean and mischief interactions but don't feel like finding people every day for her to use them on.
  • I realized I never married Willow and Giovanni so they quickly eloped.
  • A kid Daisy met at the playground named Rez keeps coming to visit.
  • Got monkey bars so that the kids can work on their aspirations.
  • Heath completed the 1st part of his aspiration and Daisy completed the 2nd part of hers.
  • I had enough of the elders!  Hannah died of overexertion and Corey locked himself in a room and died of starvation a few days later.  
  • The terrible part is that all of the potions of youth (11 I believe) that Hannah had dissapeared!  I'm so upset since they count as points for the challenge.
  • This time at least Willow mourned her mother.  It's the first time in this legacy someone has mourned a death.
  • Daisy finished her aspiration and took artistic prodigy as her 2nd and quickly completes the first and second parts.
  • Bills $3,481 (no more frugal)
  • I put the dollhouse in the family inventory because Willow kept smashing it and the kids kept crying.  Having an evil Mom sucks sometimes!
  • Got Willow the frugal reward to keep the bills down a bit since her and Giovanni don't make a lot of simoleans.
  • Heath completed his aspiration and took artistic prodigy too.
  • Daisy completed her 2nd aspiration only hours before the birthday notification.
  • Daisy ages to a teenager.  Her trait is goofball and her aspiration is freelance botanist.  She finished the 1st part just planting a garden.
  • Rez Grove visits Daisy again and this time he's a teen his traits so far are cheerful and goofball.
  • Heath finishes the 1st and 2nd parts of his second aspiration.
  • Willow and Giovanni age up to adults.
 Hannah as an elder.

Willow proposes to Giovanni.

 Daisy dancing working on her aspiration.

Willow reading to Daisy.
Willow reading to Heath.

 Daisy and that kid Rez that keeps hanging around.

 Daisy on her birthday.

Daisy starting her garden for her aspiration.

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