Friday, September 12, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy... Early Naming of the Heir

Life has been crazy in the Marx household for the last week and a half.  With all the kids trying to meet their aspirations... Ash and Olive were failing miserably.  Ash needed 5 friends and had 2 and then I checked and he had 1 and then he had 0.  So he had to re-make friends with the ones he lost and try to make friends with 3 new ones.  He is about to age up to young adult and still hasn't managed it.  Olive seems to hate fishing.  She has the Angling Ace aspiration like her Mom and every time I send her out fishing I check on her and she's not fishing.  It's really strange because I've had sims fish until their needs were almost red.  So oddly enough even though she couldn't work on her aspiration as a teen I am declaring Willow the heir.  She has a score of 5 meaning she finished 5 parts of childhood aspirations.  Ash and Olive both have 3's.  They would have to get 3 more parts finished in order to beat her.  Or tie and have a better skill than her which they don't, she has almost mastered the guitar skill.  So lots has happened to lead up to this decision... let us have a little review:
  • I purchased the frugal reward to lower the bills.  People were saying they cut the bills by half.  They were wrong.  My bills went down about a third.
  • Corey completed the Musical Genius aspiration and chose Painter Extraordinaire as his 2nd and quickly finished the first part.
  • The teens all got A grades in high school on the same day.
  • Willow aged up to young adult.
  • After deciding that there was no way that Ash or Olive could beat Willow as heir I invited Giovanni over and aged him up.  His last trait is genius making him a neat, cheerful, genius.  I moved him in.  He brought in $0 which is fine since that rule looks like it will be changed soon anyway.  His aspiration is Joke Star.
  • Willow got pregnant the first try.  Such a fertile family!
  • I got Giovanni a job in the entertainer career.  He'll go for the comedy branch to go with his aspiration.
  • Hannah got level 10 in the video gaming skill.
  • Since Giovanni already had the 5 friends needed for his aspiration I took him to the park and really quickly had him introduce himself to 10 people while everyone else was at work and school.  So he completed the first part of his aspiration.
  • Bills $2507.
  • Corey completed the 2nd part of his 2nd aspiration.
So now we are waiting for Willow to have her baby, and for Ash and Olive to age up so they can move out.  Also Hannah and Corey will become elders soon so we have that to look forward to as well.

I thought this was cute since they don't usually get along.  All 3 kids as teens hanging out.

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