Friday, September 12, 2014

TS4 Marx Legacy... Wishing I Hadn't Picked Merit

With 3 kids this has been a hectic 2 weeks of sims.   So far Willow is winning the race to heir but that could change now that she's stuck and can't work on her aspiration again until she's an adult.  Without further ado here is week 9 and 10 in review...
  • I took all 3 kids to the park to work on their aspirations.  Willow played violin.  Olive got tense from all the people she had to introduce herself to for Social Butterfly.  Loner and Social butterfly do not mix.  It took forever to get Ash playful to play on the jungle gym but in the end at least Olive completed the first part of her aspiration.
  • Aunt Chloe was miserable with all the children around.  She kept smashing the dollhouse and making them cry.  She was driving me nuts so I moved her out even though she was making good money for the family with her paintings.
  • Ash completed the first part of his aspiration.
  • Bills $3,332.
  • Willow completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and took Social Butterfly for her 2nd aspiration.
  • Hannah aged up to adult.
  • Willow finished the 1st part of her 2nd aspiration.
  • Ash finished the 2nd part of his aspiration.
  • Willow maxxed social skill.
  • Hannah maxxed programming skill.
  • Willow and Olive became bff completing both of their 2nd parts of their social butterfly aspirations.
  • Took the kids to the park again to work on aspirations.
  • Noticed that a kid that was a child the day before was now a teen.  Potential mate there.
  • Nikolai dies of old age.  Once again, nobody mourns.  On the other family I played the Mom mourned for 2 days.
  • Hannah joined the tech guru career and started at level 3 completing the 2nd part of her computer whiz aspiration.
  • Willow became a teen.  I can't work on her successful lineage aspiration until she is an adult but she did finish 1 aspiration and 2 parts of another giving her a score of 5 already as a child.
  • Corey aged up to adult.
  • Bills $3559.  I'm thinking of getting the frugal lifetime reward.
  • Giovanni from the park keeps coming to visit Willow every day.
  • Corey reached guitar level 10.
  • Corey completed the 2nd part of his aspiration.
  • Ash completed his aspiration.  He took the creativity aspiration as his 2nd but wasn't able to do it since he aged up the next day.
  • Ash and Olive aged up to teens.
  • Ash's mean trait is starting to show, he picks fights with everyone.
  • Olive tries and fails to fish, not sure why she's having such a hard time.
  • Willow has her first kiss with Giovanni and I discovered teenagers can "mess around" in bed.  He's now her boyfriend and they exchanged promise rings.  Even if she isn't the heir she'll need a kid for her aspiration when she's an adult.  Let's just hope his last trait isn't good since she's evil.  LOL

Nikolai passes of old age.  Grim hung around again and tried to chat with everyone.  He must be lonely.

 Willow and Giovanni the day before she aged up.

 Willow as a teen.

 Corey mentors Willow on the guitar.

 Ash as a teen.  Love the green mohawk.
 Olive tries unsuccesfully to fish.

Willow and Giovanni have their first kiss.

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