Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TS4 Legacy Too many kids!

Whew so from the title you will know something big happened.  I usually only have 2 kids, the heir and the spare.  No more than that.  Well Hannah had twins!  Ugh.  I was like yay a boy and then I looked up after writing down his name and there's a prompt for a girls name!  So yea.  The house is utter chaos.  I've actually only played a week.  The twins just aged up and I'm already ready to pull my hair out.  With that I will do my week in review.  Here's what happened during week 8ish:
  • Corey finished the 2nd part of his aspiration.
  • Hannah completed her aspiration and chose computer whiz (since she's a geek) for her 2nd aspiration.
  • Bills $2,587
  • Corey was promoted to the music branch of his career.
  • Willow aged up to child.
  • I had to buy a piano and stick it in a corner for Corey's job requirements.
  • Nyssa passed away!  The sad part is nobody mourned her death.  There were no sad moodlets or anything.  They just stood around chatting with Grim.
  • Chloe's "ugh children" moodlet starts up again.  I may have to move her out.  She is so angry.
  • Hannah gives birth to twins.  Since Hannah loves the outdoors and Corey is insane all of their kids are named after trees.  So we already had Willow and we now have Ash and Olive.
  • Willow came home after the babies were born and "is in tears after meeting new sibling she didn't want".
  • Willow finished the 2nd part of her aspiration.  She keeps having to sleep with grandpa because the babies wake her up.
  • Ash and Olive age up.
 Nyssa passes away.  She just got out of bed and laid on the floor.  It was really sad.

 Willow has a funny conversation with Grim.

 Twins!  OMG

Willow Marx:
Traits-Evil, Art Lover, Goofball
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
Adult aspiration: Successful Lineage
Ash Marx:
Traits-Mean, Art Lover, Gloomy
Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Adult aspiration: Friend to the World

 Olive Marx:
Traits-Loner, Art Lover, Goofball
Childhood aspiration: Social butterfly
Adult aspiration: Angling Ace

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