Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TS4 Legacy Lots Happening...

It was a good thing, it turns out, that Chloe had the social butterfly aspiration.  She met 4 boys and invited all of them (as teenagers) to meet her sister.  Out of the four Hannah picked Corey.  For one thing he was the best looking by far.  Other than that he had good traits.  Looks have to factor in, because with TS4 genetics are more advanced.  I didn't want a bunch of homely looking sims!  Hehe
So here is a review of approximately weeks 7 and a half...
  • Hannah becomes bff with Corey.  Can't do more because he's still a teen.
  • Chloe paints a masterpiece painting.  Not sure how much it's worth because the game advised not to sell it since they are rare.
  • Bills $2533
  • Out of impatience I aged up Corey with a cake.  I didn't want to wait any longer in case his last trait sucked and she needed to look for someone else.  He got the insane trait which I hear is very fun to play in TS4.  On his birthday she asked to be his girlfriend, had their first kiss and their first whoohoo.
  • The next day Hannah invited Corey over and proposed to him.  Of course he accepted!  She also asked him to move in.
  • Corey's aspiration is musical genius.  He basically has no skills.  His traits are insane, goofball and outgoing... all personality traits.  I think he'll be fun to play though.  To go with his aspiration I got him a job as an entertainer.  Also he brought in $0 since there were 2 others in his household.  It looks like this will be a new rule in the Legacy Challenge so I'm ok with it.
  • The next day Hannah got pregnant.  I don't waste no time!
  • Nikolai got to level 10 in cooking and gourmet cooking on the same day.
  • Hannah reached fishing 10.
  • Corey completed the first part of his aspiration.
  • Chloe got level 10 in painting.
  • Hannah went into labor... Since Corey is an insane gooball sim I thought he'd want to elope then and there.  They got married in the living room in their pjs.
  • It's another girl: Willow Marx. 

 Corey after he blew out his birthday candles.  He's probly thinking what the heck?

Hannah and Corey's first kiss.
 Hannah proposes and Corey accepts!
 I tried to think what kind of instrument would an insane goofball play?
A freezer bunny blues guitar of course!

 Hannah telling Corey the "big news" a baby is on the way.

 This picture didn't come out very well, I was trying to show how huge Hannah is and what kind of chaos the house is in.

Hannah and Corey exchange vows while she's in labor in their pjs.  
Totally fits his insanity and her being laid back and doing whatever Corey wants.

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