Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TS4 Legacy- More Birthdays & the Heir is Named!

I played non-stop yesterday.  I swear this game is so addicting.  At this point I am guessing at it being weeks 5 and 6.  It's approximately that amount of time that has passed.

Weeks 5 & 6 of the Marx Legacy:
  • I spent a long time adding to the house but I don't think I'll be able to finish Nikolai's Mansion Baron aspiration.  Bills before building $1305/ after building $2584.
  • Nyssa maxxed the fishing skill giving me a point in the knowledge category.
  • Hannah got an A in high school completing the 3rd part of Nyssa's aspiration.  Unfortunately the 4th part requires a child to complete their childhood aspiration and neither Chloe nor Hannah did.  :(
  • Chloe barely finished the second part of her aspiration before her birthday to young adult.
  • Hannah finished her second part with time to spare.
  • Chloe had her birthday and rolled the bookworm trait.  So her traits are: music lover, hates children and bookworm.
  • Nikolai topped the culinary career!
  • Chloe joined the painter career.
  • Hannah completed the 3rd part of her aspiration and according to the merit rules this names Hannah as the heir.
  • Nyssa found all of the "my sims" trophies completing that collection.  They come from time capsules that you dig up.  There are tons of dig sites near the house and Nyssa spends most of her time gathering plants, looking for frogs and digging.
  • Hannah had her birthday to young adult.  She rolled the trait art lover.
  • Hannah looked for men a bit at the park, gym and art gallery.  I saw guys that Nyssa had been looking at that just hadn't aged up to elder yet and decided it was a bad idea.
  • Chloe invited all the boys she had met at the park that were now teens to meet Hannah.
  • Nyssa turned elder and then Nikolai the next day.
  • Nikolai almost killed himself when I wasn't paying attention spending too much time exercising!

I had to add a room to the back for a staircase. So I moved the treadmill there.
 I made the girls their own small bedrooms and a small bath.

 I added some landscaping but not even close to what Nikolai needs for Mansion Baron.
The rooms look extremely strange but I never said I was a builder!

 Nyssa's birthday.  Nikolai couldn't wait to grab a slice.

Nikolai's birthday.  He's a handsome elder I think.

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