Monday, September 8, 2014

TS4 Legacy Challenge- Birthdays!

In my last posts I kept track day by day of what happened.  I think I missed writing down the days on some of the more boring days.  If there is a way to keep track of the amount of time that has passed on Sims 4 I haven't found it.  On Sims 3 you just moused over the clock and it showed the time played like 3 weeks 3 days.  In so many ways this is like an experiment, trying to learn everything that is changed or taken from the game completely.  So I think I won't put days in my posts anymore even though I am still keeping track of them on paper.  This is approximately 2 weeks of sim time.  Weeks 3 and 4:
  •  Nyssa has gotten pretty high in her handiness skill repairing everything so I had her upgrade everything in one of the bathrooms.  I still have to have her upgrade the other bathroom.
  • Hannah got a B in elementary school.
  • Nikolai got a promotion
  • Chloe maxed out the social skill.  I'm not sure if that counts as one of the maxed out skills for the challenge since it's a childhood skill.  She was working her butt off to finish her aspiration.  She made 3 adult friends and 4 child friends but couldn't find one more child to make her friend.  I sent her to both parks several times to no avail.  She did not finish her aspiration.
  • Nyssa aged up to adult, Nikolai aged up to adult the next day and Chloe aged to teen the day after that.  Lots of cake in the fridge!
  • Chloe rolled painter extraordinaire for her aspiration and hates children for her trait.  I was so mad about the trait I had to quit playing for awhile. She gets a +1 angry moodlet whenever her sister is nearby that says "ugh children".
  • The second set of bills were $1403.  They are going up!
  • Hannah finished the second part of her childhood aspiration.
  • Nikolai got to level 8 of his chef career.  The kitchen is looking nice with all his rewards.
  • Hannah aged up to teen without finishing her childhood aspiration either.  I think I tried too much to get them an A in school when I should have been trying harder to finish their aspirations.
  • Hannah got the aspiration Angling Ace and the trait Loves the Outdoors.  Good pair.  Plus she turned out adorable.  You can surely tell them apart now.
  • The girls spent the weekend working on their aspirations and both completed the first parts.
  • Nikolai was promoted again to level 9 of the chef career.  He's bringing home good simoleans now!
 Chloe after her birthday.

Hannah after her birthday.

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