Sunday, September 7, 2014

TS4 Legacy Challenge Week 2

I have to say that raising children in Sims 4 is extremely more difficult than in Sims 3.  In TS3 all you had to do was have them work hard in school and do their homework.  Other than that they could do whatever you wanted them to do.  In TS4 they have not only aspirations but goals they have to meet in order to do well in school.  Such as having 2 skills leveled up to 4.  So you are working on their skills and whatever they need for their childhood aspiration!  Then add in the fact that the parents have things they need to accomplish for work and aspirations of their own and oh my gosh it gets to be a juggling act.  I have to pause and check what each one needs to be working on whenever they have spare time.  It's crazy!  I'm glad Nyssa didn't get a job, I think I'd lose my mind.  So with that rant I will do my week in review...

Day 10- Nyssa started her third trimester and spend the day collecting and fishing.  Nothing exciting.

Day 11- I learned you can breed frogs so I've been having Nyssa do that whenever she can.  Nyssa had another girl.  Hannah Marx.  I wanted a boy and didn't even have a girl name picked out, oops!

Day 12- Nyssa finished the second part of her aspiration.

Day 13- Chloe finished the first part of her aspiration.  Hannah aged up.  She rolled the geek trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  She ended up with the exact same hair as Chloe.  They look almost identical.  Nikolai got promoted to level 6 of his chef career.

Day 14- I had to change Hannah's hair a bit so I could tell them apart.  She got her Dad's eyes and hair color.  Chloe became best friends with Hannah completing the second part of her aspiration.

Day 15- Hannah completed the first part of her aspiration.

Day 16- Bills were $1,083.  Since I had extra simoleans I decided to add a 2nd bathroom and a computer/ exercise room.  Nikolai would get a minus moodlet from not exercising and Hannah would get a minus moodlet from no computer use.

Family time before Hannah aged up.

 Hannah working on her artistic aspiration. 
(before I changed her hair)

Chloe and Hannah becoming best friends.

The new additions to the house.  I'm not much of a builder but it works.

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