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Thursday, October 23, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge Day 1

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge 

After placing a house, modifying it for 8 people and playing an entire sim day my computer froze up and I lost everything.  At the time I was just tallying up for the day.  I was devastated.  But I ended up putting the house in a different spot which I like better and the day went smoother the 2nd time around.  My plan to roll for chores every morning kinda went out the window when I looked at the different sims aspirations.  There is one that wants to gather, one that wants to garden and one that wants to fish.  That only leaves cleaning which the unlucky sim does and cooking which I have decided that Diana will do.  Her aspiration requires her to have a job so I got her a cooking job.  She will be the cook for the house.

The activity of the day was a trip to the library.  Most of the sims ran to the bathrooms.  Ana is a loner so she was tense the whole time.  There was a child there so Kayla and Lexie were angry the whole time.

Determining who gets to be the lucky sim and adding up points takes a lot of time.  I'm glad I am only planning on playing one sim day each day.  I have also decided not to turn aging off because I don't want to screw up my legacy game file.  I will have the competition end when they all become adults on normal aging.

The scores are as follows:
1. Lexie- 9pts
2. Addyson- 15pts
3. Yesenia- 10pts
4. Makayla- 12pts
5. Julia- 6pts
6. Diana- 16pts
7. Kayla- 20pts
8. Ana- 14pts

 All of the ladies standing outside of the house.

 Today's activity rolled: The library!

 Dinner time.

 The house I picked from the gallery:
Riverside Manor 

 Tomorrow's lucky sim: Kayla
Tomorrow's unlucky sim: Julia


  1. Hi! I finally got to read your challenge reports thoroughly :) I'm enjoyng it, off to the next chapter :)

  2. This is giving me so many ideas! My poor Legacy family are fidgeting nervously, knowing they aren't going to get a lot of play for a while! (I'm KAKM61new on the forums.)

    1. I only play the roleplay challenge once a day for one sim day. They don't take too much time away from my legacy family but man I needed a break from legacy! Adding up the points at the end of the day takes the longest time though I swear.


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