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Thursday, October 23, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 2

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge 

The hardest part of this challenge is keeping track of the time.  They are mostly on freewill and it's so fun just watching what they are doing and following the whims of the lucky sim that I keep forgetting to have meals on time!  Diana had to work for the first time.  I don't think this will help her with the challenge since she will miss most activities.  But her aspiration requires her to make simoleans so I don't see any other alternative.  As unlucky sim Julia had a pretty easy day.  Thanks to Makayla she didn't have much cleaning up to do but she did have to cook evening meal since Diana was at work.  Her red plumbob again is because she was awake at 2am!  So was Makayla but I think she took a nap during freetime.  As lucky sim Kayla didn't have many whims that could be followed.  One was to be mean to a child.  Ugh how did I end up with 2 sims that hate children?  Oh that's right I rolled for them!  Here is the score at the end of the day:

1. Lexie- 23
2. Addyson- 30
3. Yesenia- 22
4. Makayla- 24
5. Julia- 11
6. Diana- 24
7. Kayla- 39
8. Ana- 25

 Makayla and Julia were up at 2am.  Both had to pee!

Makayla does most of the cleaning up for Julia before chore time.
 Kayla spends the first part of the day as lucky sim gardening....

...then she wants to be friendly with Ana and tell a joke so she does.
 Today's activity is the gym here is lucky sim Kayla pumping iron.

 Tomorrow's lucky sim: Lexie!

Tomorrow's unlucky sim again is Julia!

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