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Thursday, October 23, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 3

Post 1: Roleplay Challenge 

I keep thinking that I don't want to use any of these ladies from this challenge as by baby challenge founder.  I'm actually thinking of instead making her the founder of the ISBI challenge. (that's I'm Surrounded By Idiots)  It still doesn't help that 2 of the ladies don't like children.  If one of them win I might have to make up a challenge just for them!  LOL  Most of the ladies were up until 3am.  I'm thinking of taking out the coffee maker I think it's the culprit.  But then again it adds something interesting so we'll see.  So here is today's tally:

1. Lexie- 37pts
2. Addyson- 42pts
3. Yesenia- 36pts
4. Makayla- 36pts
5. Julia- 15pts
6. Diana- 32pts
7. Kayla- 50pts
8. Ana- 36pts

 This time Ana cleaned up last night's dishes before the unlucky sim Julia could get to them.

Julia still had breakfast dishes to clean up and a sink to fix.
 Today's activity rolled to visit a neighbor.  The only neighbor Lexie knows is Bob Pancakes.  So off they went!

 Lexie wants to make a friend so she pesters Bob while he's trying to work.

 Eliza Pancakes doesn't seem to mind the visitors she just wishes they'd leave the books alone.

 Lexie wanted to become inspired so she took a thoughtful shower at the Pancakes house.

 Everyone makes themselves at home.

 Since Lexie is a slob she wants to dig through the Pancakes garbage can.

 Bob and Eliza end up joining in on the conversation.

At the end of the day our unlucky sim is Julia again!  She passed out before she could make it to her bed!
Tomorrow's lucky sim is Yesenia.  She really needs the aspiration points!


  1. I axctually wish Julia would do better, hoping she won't be the unlucky one for 4 weeks, lol. It's so funny when they fall asleep on the floor :)

    1. I know! I feel so bad for Julia. I couldn't believe she passed out right before making it to her bed either!

  2. SimmerTheMillionthAugust 11, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Ugh! I hate it when they pass out right next to their bed. XD can't they hold out for another minute??


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