Thursday, October 23, 2014

TS4 Roleplay Challenge- Day 4

Day 4 scores:
1. Lexie- 46pts
2. Addyson- 55pts
3. Yesenia- 48pts
4. Makayla- 45pts
5. Julia- 25pts
6. Diana- 38pts
7. Kayla- 69pts
8. Ana- 44pts

Kayla has the lead and she's tomorrow's lucky sim that's not good for the rest of the house!

 Diana and Lexie at the infamous coffee pot.

 Yesenia is kinda boring for a lucky sim.  At first all she wanted to do was catch fish...

 ...then she wanted to be mischievious to Addyson and call someone on the phone...

...and take a nap.  Yesenia you're pretty boring for a lucky sim!

 Today's activity rolled library again.  Here's all the ladies trooping in.

 Tomorrow's unlucky sim is Lexie.  Does it have anything to do with that coffee pot?

 Tomorrow's lucky sim is Kayla.  Looks like gardening tomorrow.
(sorry for the lousy shot I guess there's bad lighting in that room)


  1. Replies
    1. Yea and she hates children so I can't use her in a baby challenge if she wins! Ugh.

  2. I'm still enjoying your progress :) Btw, did you know that sims can "steal" books at the library? i just read about it, never tried...

  3. It's still possible to use a sim with 'hates children' trait for a 100 baby challenge(I mean srsly, for my 2nt gen I got a girl with lazy, slob, and hates children) they'll just get in a terrible mood...

    1. It would be pretty darned annoying though. I'd written this when the game first came out so most likely way back then I didn't realize they could have kids if they hated children, lol.